How many times have you found yourself saying these words “if only…” chances are we’ve all said those words with a bunch of different words finishing the phrase. They could include:

“If only everything would go the way we want it to go. Then everything would be better.” ” If only I had the right job.”  “If only you had enough money. If only I could take a vacation.” “If only you could help more people in need. If only my family members weren’t sick.” If only there wasn’t cancer.” “If only I could be where I want to be in life.” ” If only I could find the love of my life.” “If only I could find my passion and do what I absolutely love in my life.” “If only my chronic pain would stop.” “If only my ex didn’t dump me.”

“If only I figured out what I did wrong then maybe he or she wouldn’t have dumped me.” “If only if I’d been more kind to people maybe I’d have more friends or a relationship with my coworkers. ” “if only God would give me a sigh as to what to do with my life. If only He would get rid of my problems.” “If only that one person would forgive me.” “If only I could earn that person’s trust. “If only I could stop cursing.” “If only II could stop lying.”

“If only God loved me”. “If only my parents wouldn’t have gotten a divorce.” “If only my wife/husband wouldn’t nag me. It drives me crazy.” “If only I wasn’t being abused. “If only I could feel better about myself.” “If only God would answer my prayers.” “If only there was proof that He exists.” “If only there was something more to this life.”

“If only I could find peace.” “If only I could stop working for so little money.” “If only God would help me without me asking.” “If only I knew God. But He doesn’t want a relationship with me.”

But here is what God is/might be thinking, “If only he would come to me in prayer.” “If only she would forgive the person that wronged her, instead of harboring hatred towards her former friend.” “If only father and son would work things out. “If only the mother and daughter would be on speaking terms again.” “If only they would pray.”

He is also thinking, “If only the people of the world knew I loved them.” “If only they would see that I am real.” “If only they would come to me and Jesus and be saved.” “If only I didn’t have to send my Son to save the world because of people’s sin.” “If only Adam and Eve hadn’t sinned.”

“If only people would realize my true love.” “If only people would come to me for deliverance from their trouble.” “If only they knew me. I want to know them.” “If only they knew that I long for a relationship with them.” “If only they knew I can and am willing to give them peace.” “If only they would stop searching elsewhere for fulfillment.” “If only they would read my word.”

Did I miss any? I’m sure there are many more that I can add to the list.  The good news is, God does love you. He does care about how your life ends up. He wants to get to know you. You don’t have to think of this world as the “if only” world if you give your life to Him. You can have that peace you have been longing for. You can have the life you want. You can find out that there is more to this life than constant grumbling and complaining. He wants you to know how to find Him in His word and by praying in secret, in private or in a circle of friends.

Ask Him to take anything that has been bothering you out of your heart. Tell Him how you long for that peace. Ask Him to fill that void in your heart, spirit and in your heart with all of Him. The void of loneliness, the void of anger, depression. The void of fear, the void of shame, the void of self-pity, the void of misery. He can fill them all and replace all of those feelings and all the if only circumstances that you can think of with His never-ending love and never-ending mercy and grace.  Don’t focus on the things that you can’t change. Rather, focus on the things you can change. Anything in your life can’t even come close to fulfilling you the way God can. He has the power to fulfill you like no one else can.

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