jesus in the garden

Trust in God’s timing. No matter how much you want things to happen right away and in the way that you think it needs to happen. That will only stress you out instead of letting you enjoy your life. The only way you’ll find peace in your life is when you let go of the things that you think need to happen and let God have control over your life and your reaction to the things that cause you to worry. Think about the things that cause you to worry. Are they your job, your family your finances, your appearance your health? It could be anything and everything that cause your heart to be troubled and your mind to race. You can give up all your worries to God though.

No matter if you think things should be happening in a more routine way or a different way than they are, no matter what happens it is all because of God’s plan and God’s timing. Stress makes you think everything has to happen right now with no problems or obstacles to get to the future. But that’s not how life works. There are struggles every day in life but even through the struggles you can turn to and trust God. It is better to give up your unknown future and your worries about life to a known powerful God. Sometimes the path of faith is extremely hard.

But God’s plan is always best. Think of it this way. It is better to wait a while for the right things and opportunities to fall into place from God’s timing than it is for your own doing and your own timing. It is better to have to wait for things such as the right job to come in your life in God’s timing than it is for you to push for the right things to happen right away. It is better to trust and wait for God’s timing and trust in His promises to never fail you than it is to rush things and have things fall apart.
Trust God with your life. He can do more with your life than you could ever do. So, give Him the reigns of your life and let Him help you do His work. Figure out what you need to turn over to God in your life such as your worries, your anger, your finances, your health, and your family situations. Think of any area in your life that you need God’s help throughout your life.

Ask Him for help in your marriage, your family, your finances, your job, and especially your faith walk. Let Him have the control and start enjoying things you never enjoyed before. Try to enjoy something new every day. Remind yourself to trust in God’s plan no matter the things that cause you to worry. No matter how you feel, remind yourself that He is in control.

Also remember that no matter how terrible things in your life may seem now, they can’t last forever. We have all gone through tough times in our lives and they sometimes seem like they will never end. But trust in Him because He is always working things for your good and in your favor. Yes, He gives you challenging times so that you learn to trust in Him and lean on Him more, instead of saying that you don’t have time to spend with Him.

He often reminds you that He is in control when things are out of our control. God is the one who can make the impossible seem possible. No matter how hard things get in your life, whether the tough times last for only a day or if they even last a month, they will eventually end. You can rest at the end of every day knowing that you did your hardest, that God was and is still with you and knowing that He gives you the ability to rest and recharge after a long difficult day. Take the opportunity to allow yourself to take time out to rest and recharge every day. Get yourself away from anything that is stressing you out.

Wouldn’t you rather give your life over to an all-knowing powerful God, who can move mountains that you didn’t think were moveable? He will put the right job in front of you. He will place the right people in your life. He will help you see the beauty in life where there were pain and suffering. But you also must be willing to open your eyes, heart, and mind to the things that He can and is willing to do for you. You must be willing to give up your control and your pride and allow Him to take over your thought process. Instead of thinking things will never happen in your life, tell yourself that everything will happen in His timing. His timing is always better than yours because His timing is always right.
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