Bible time

How much time do you spend with God daily? A few minutes before you start your day, or do you pray to end your day? Do you read the Bible every day? Or do you read devotions every day? If you’re stressed do you pray about the things that are bothering you or continue to stress about them? It brings to question why won’t you turn to Him for peace and guidance? He can give us the peace that passes all human understanding. So why not go all out after that type of peace. Granted every day we get so caught up in our day to day bear and were running like crazy from the time we get up until the time we go to bed. Sometimes our excuse is that we’re too tired to spend time with Him. But think about it this way- God is never ever too busy to spend time with us so we should make time to spend with him any chance we get. Praying can help relieve the stress of any situation. He listens to us whenever we cry out for help. How often do we only pray to God when something goes wrong? It’s a habit that we should try to break. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself how much time you really spend with God. Make more time with Him a priority in this new year. Make spending time with Him part of your new year’s resolutions. The love of the Lord knows no bounds so our love for spending time with Him should also know no bounds. Spending time with Him should be an honor. We should reach others through Jesus and spread His love through any means necessary. We should take pride and see spending time with him as an honor, not a burden. Granted it isn’t always easy because our faith walks, and this journey isn’t meant to be easy. We should take the time to learn more about Him and teach our kids and our families about Him and how important it is to get to know Him.

You can start a group Bible study or start a prayer group. You can learn about God through any means necessary. You can read the Bible yourself or through audio recordings. How much time do you think I should spend time with God? How often do you take yourself away from God and busy yourself with other things such as work, family, doing laundry, or watching tv or listening to the radio? We could spend our time with God but instead of that, we spend our time doing other things. Yes, everyday life gets in the way, but we should try and make Him a priority. When was the last time you had that ah-ha moment while reading the Bible? When was the last time you were in church and realized God was talking to you through the sermon? Do you go to church every week? There are weeks where we just don’t have it in us to worship in church. That’s completely understandable. There are Sundays where you don’t want to go to church and make excuses not to go. Remember God isn’t going to strike you down just because you may not go to church every week. But going to church is important for keeping our relationship with God, strong. God always makes time for us so we should make time for Him. Wake up with Him by thanking Him for the day and remembering how blessed you are.
How many times do you only spend time with God and pray to God when things are going horribly wrong? Why is it that when things go wrong, that’s when we turn to Him for help? We should feel honored and privileged to talk to God at any time. After all, He loves us so much that He saved us by sending His son to die on the cross for our sins. We shouldn’t only go to God when things are going wrong in our lives, we should make time for God every day and in every area of our lives.
It can be difficult to always turn to God and to remember we have to spend time with Him. But having a relationship with Him is the best things we can ever do with our lives. No matter how you feel, when you’re feeling like you’re on top of the world, thank Him and praise Him. When you feel like the whole world is on you, turn to Him and ask Him to help you get a way out of the difficult situation. No matter how busy you are with your life, stop and spend time with God. Make time for Him and see how He can change your life.

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