live life to the fullest
Have you ever thought about giving up? Have you ever thought something was too much to take? Have you ever asked someone you love how to not give up? Have you ever thought about quoting something because it seemed to be too difficult? Have you ever thought that you don’t have a purpose or that you’re not worth anything? Have you ever compared yourself to others and felt down about yourself? The answer is we all have felt like these things and more. If we deny that, then we’re only lying to ourselves and the people we love.
Have you ever thought of giving up on your dreams? The answer is that we all have. We all have had dry spells where nothing sparks our interest or draws in our creativity. But the important thing is to remember that those dreams that are in our hearts were placed there by God and God alone. If He has placed our dreams within us, He will surely bring them to fulfilment through His grace, love and mercy. But we also have to be willing to go for our passions and pursue our dreams with a never give up attitude.
Look around and think of any reason not to quit. Look at how great your life is. Nothing that has lasts forever. The rain doesn’t fall forever. The clouds pass over us and then the rain subsides to reveal a break in the clouds. What I mean is that even though terrible things happen in our lives, none of them are reasons to quit. Just because a relationship doesn’t work out, or you lost your job or lost someone or something you love, or lost your home, doesn’t mean that good things aren’t coming in your future. God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle. We only think We can’t handle things because we get stressed so easily. We only think we can’t go on because Satan makes us believe that lie about ourselves. Don’t believe that lie.
So many times, we have a tough time believing in ourselves. But the good news is that God has always believed in us. He also gave us our very own purpose in life and He believes in our purpose. He will give you the strength to go on and to find that purpose no matter what maybe happening to you or in your life. God isn’t going to quit on you. He never has, and He never will.
Remember in every walk of life, there will be struggles but God is shaping you through those tough times. Even when it seems as if you aren’t going anywhere in life, you are merely growing strength to overcome and withstand and survive the next trial that will come your way.
Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. You are you. No one can ever change that except for you yourself. You’re the only one who can’t change yourself and your life. Don’t compare yourself to anyone because you’re not worse or better than anyone else. God made you unique. Don’t ever quit on yourself. Don’t make yourself too cocky too much though either.
Your time will come. You will rise, and you will rise high. God will help you rise above the obstacles in your life. It all depends on your attitude on how much or how high you will rise in your life. It is all up to you. God will be with you through everything, but God helps those who help themselves. God also makes miracles happen to those and for those who believe in Him. Give God the glory by rising as high as you can for Him and by leading others to His kingdom. Give Him the glory by doing things in His name. Do things because you enjoy them. Don’t do what others are telling you to do. Take the time to figure out exactly what you love doing in your life. It is okay to take the time to re explore your options for your career or any hobby that you have.  Find your passion in your life and follow it with all your heart.  If you love singing or writing or working as a cashier, or at a restaurant, do it with all your heart. If you love the opportunity to stay home and be a full-time parent. Love it with all your heart. Give God the glory by doing everything as if you’re doing it for Him. You’ll find more of your purpose that way. Whatever you want to do, do it with all your heart. Above all never give up because God has never given up on you.
As we go into the new year remember that it is never too late to make changes to better your life. Leave last year in the past and remember all the good things that have happened. Don’t dwell on the tough times you faced. It is never too late to turn your life around, to try something new. Pick up a new hobby that you always wanted to try such as playing a musical instrument or singing or skiing. Be a blessing in someone else’s life. Be the light that shines Christ into other’s lives in everything you do. No matter how tough life gets, always follow the dreams that God has put into your heart. he has given you amazing talents and unique abilities.
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