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Hit “like” to share this blistering commentary with your friends Rebecca Black is back, and this time she is for playing for reals. Instead of launching the original follow-up single called “LOL,” Rebecca’s handlers and parents, I mean Rebecca, decided …Read More

You probably heard the Rebecca Black song “Friday” last month.  If you didn’t then you should, because it is a wake up call to how terrible pop music can be.  If you’ve ever shunned Ke$ha for not being able to …Read More

Happy April everyone!  I hope that Spring has arrived at your house like it has here.  I just wanted to post a couple of fun videos to help you get your week started! Friday night Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, The …Read More

Superstar Broncos QB and outspoken evangelical made a big announcement today – he is releasing a Christian pop album.  The pigskin slinger isn’t known for his musical ability, but with the recent success of Rebecca Black I guess he figures …Read More

If you have been wondering what the hottest music video out right now is, then feast your eyes on Rebecca Black’s “Friday.”  It is a bit like Justin Bieber meets Ke$ha meets the worst thing that I have ever heard …Read More