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Rebecca Black is back, and this time she is for playing for reals.

Instead of launching the original follow-up single called “LOL,” Rebecca’s handlers and parents, I mean Rebecca, decided instead to launch a serious song about her rise to stardom.  Gone is the whimsical fun of “Friday,” replaced by a more natural sounding, yet no less auto-tuned, version of the pop starlet.

Man, is it bad.

Sure, “Friday” was as annoying as a hit song can be, but it’s popularity was as much due to it’s cheesiness as it was to anyone actually enjoying it.  The song was obnoxious but it made you smile, because who doesn’t love Fridays?  “LOL,” I thought, had a lot of potential for the same terrible, yet fun, absurdity.  Surely it would keep her around for at least a couple of more months.  But, “My Moment,” well, it’s an intimate piece about about how awesome Rebecca Black is.  It would be great if it weren’t for one small thing:

Rebecca Black is not awesome.

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