You probably heard the Rebecca Black song “Friday” last month.  If you didn’t then you should, because it is a wake up call to how terrible pop music can be.  If you’ve ever shunned Ke$ha for not being able to sing, you haven’t heard anything yet.

And this video has been viewed over 100 million times.

To put that in perspective, Rebecca Black pulled in more youtube hits than Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.  Even more shocking, the budget for the song and video was reportedly only $2,000.  Considering the songs Itunes success, the 13 year old likely pulled in a  big ole chunk of change.  Not U2 money of course, but still a ton of money.  I personally hope that the success hinged on people laughing at the song, but, I know that is a false hope.

Her second single is apparently in the works, and it is entitled “LOL.”  That makes me SMH, ROFL, and cry.

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