Lady Gaga has come up with another way to etch her name into the annuls of pop history – performing in the buff.  In her latest Gagavision video broadcasted on her website, she claimed that she hoped to do all future TV appearances in her birthday suit.  She said it would be, and I quote, “timeless.”

I typically give Gaga high marks for creativity, especially with making waves for the causes that she supports.  I was eager to dismiss this as just another attempt at shock value, and not an original one either – just ask Macy Gray.  But, then things got interesting.

You may realize as I do that everything Lady Gaga does is followed closely by some sort of organization.  This time is no different.  The American Association for Nude Recreation, supporter of nudist colonies everywhere, have issued a formal invitation for Lady Gaga to join up with them.  However, even the 80 year old organization doesn’t believe (accurately) that the world of television is ready for such a thing, so instead they offered a variety of ideas including:

“Conduct a benefit concert in the buff at AANR’s annual convention at member resort Laguna del Sol in Wilton, CA this August 8-14, 2011;

Shoot her next GagaVision video blog in the nude at one of AANR’s fun nudist resorts;

Be timeless and have her next television interview in her birthday suit at a nudist resort;

Or, as many nudist resorts annually putting on music events such as Nudestock and Nudeapalooza, Lady Gaga could make an appearance at one and sing “Born this Way” the way she really was born, in all her naked glory while in front of all her adoring little naked monsters who happen to be AANR members.”

If you didn’t know that there was a Nudestock or a Nudeapalooza, then welcome to the club.  In fact, I didn’t even know that the AANR existed.  Even with their involvement I still think this particular publicity stunt is ridiculous and shallow, but I am now grateful to Lady Gaga for yet another thing – I now know that there is such a thing as Nudeapalooza.

And that’s just hilarious.

Updated – Lady Gaga Goes Country and Dolly Parton Loves It

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