Stuff Christian Culture Likes

auf Wiedersehen

Christian colleges know they can’t actually make you worship, but they can make you appear to worship, and that’s good enough for them.

Jesus said being persecuted goes with the territory of following him, and some of those followers are really on the lookout.

When someone in Christian culture meets a delicious non-Christian they will usually assume a missionary position with them.

Christian culture gets married young. You just can’t fornicate if you’re married, and that takes care of that.

89% of evangelical church parking lots contain one of these signs. But the sign is never positioned so that you see it while you’re driving into the lot. It’s so you can only see it when you’re driving away.

Although X has been used for centuries as a sanctioned abbreviation for ??????? (Greek for Christ), Christian culture has a sneaking suspicion this is really a calculated method to nudge Christ out of his own holiday.

If you have spent time within American Christian culture, you have probably inferred that free-market capitalism is God's chosen economic system.

Christian culture is alarmed by all things politically correct. They say the increasing use of the phrase happy holidays is an affront to keeping Christ in Christmas and it's just one more sign that this country is headed for hell in a handbasket.

Evangelicals will sooner pass them by than give them money.

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