Christian culture is vigilant about persecution. Jesus said being persecuted goes with the territory of following him, and some of those followers are really on the lookout.

Christian culture sees persecution in all sorts of things and they often say they’re under attack. The institution of marriage is under attack, the right to life is under attack, free speech is under attack and on top of all that, the liberal media tries to make them look dumb. Although they say free speech is under attack, they have no use for the ACLU. Some of them call it the Anti-Christian Liberals Union or Anti-Christian Litigation Unit.

Christians say they expect to be persecuted or maligned, but when it actually happens they can be quite indignant. Once criticized/attacked/persecuted they often experience bewilderment, quickly followed by (self-) righteous anger. “How could they possibly perceive me that way?” Well guess what, my Christian cornhole, maybe you’ve just been given the enormous gift of honest truth. Proverbs says that an honest answer is like a kiss on the lips, and if someone just told you the truth then you are not being persecuted. (Sorry.) If it really is persecution, the Apostle Paul said you are blessed for it. Being defensive is your ego talking and it shows that you don’t really trust the one you say you believe in. So tell me again, what was it that comes before a fall? Oh, crap.

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