I really know very little about politics, but I know I’m sick of all the negative TV adds and the unsolicited phone calls regarding everyone from senators to the current presidential candidates.  Why can’t they just tell the truth.  For every new accusation against one person, the opposition has to make a corrective political add.  How can a normal everyday citizen know who to believe?  We don’t know these men and women personally and it seems impossible to sort through all the accusations to find the truth.

Why can’t we changed the system?  Make it mandatory to only speak the truth, that can be documented,  in these adds?  Stop digging up mistakes the candidates have made years ago.  We have all made poor choices during he course of our lives and we all make mistakes along the way.  The only perfect man that ever lived was Jesus, and He isn’t running for any office. HE LREADY IS THE KING OF KINGS!!

Does it really matter that Mr. xx got a ridiculous tattoo when he was sixteen?  Who cares if that a candidate has changed his position on any given topic over the years?  That is called growth and maturity.  We all should strive to learn new things every day and then put them into practice.  We all change our minds about a subject from time to time when we discover new truth about the matter.

I heard someone on TV last night actually ask Mitt Romney what he wore to bed?  That is not our business and how will that effect his ability to lead America?  Why is it that the whole nation hears about our president trying to stop smoking?  Many individuals take on that challenge daily and we hear nothing about it.

I just wish the candidates would tell the truth about both their successes and their mistakes.  Let them clearly state what they will do to make America a better place to live.  Talk to the public in normal language, not bureaucratic lingo that no one understands. the Bible  tells us to  respect, pray for, and honor those placed in leadership over our country.  That is very difficult to do if you can’t tell the truth from the lies.  God help America!  We need a big change to bring us back to the Christian nation we used to be.


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