Proverbs 30  tells us, “There are four things on earth that are small,  but they are very wise.  Ants are not very strong, but they store up food in the summer.  Rock badgers are not very powerful, but they can live among the rock.  Locusts have no king, but they all go forward in formation.  Lizards can be caught in the hand, but they are also found even in the king’s palace.”

We may not be the strongest Christian in our church, or the most talented singer.  We may not be the wealthiest person or in the best physical condition.  We may not live in a palace or a 20 million dollar house or have eight fancy cars, but we can be wise.  Our wisdom comes from God.  Of course, we learn from our parents, teachers, and life experiences, but ultimately it all comes through our relationship with God.

When we get into a diffucult situation, we tend to seek out the opinions of other people.  That’s not all bad because the Bible says there is safety in a multitude of counsel.  But, often I believe we can work things out by ourselves if we will ask God for the answer and wait for Him to respond.

Much of our wisdom comes from our daily living.  Our problem solving skills become greater with each new challenge we face.  That’s why a teenager doesn’t see problems the same as adults do.  They simply lack the experiences to draw from.  The wisest person who ever lived was Jesus. Solomon was pretty smart too.  We don’t need to be the best at it, to make sound decisions.  We all know right from wrong.  We should all know what pleases God.

One good way I have learned to make many difficult decesions is to ask myself, “What would Jesus do?”  If we can imagine what His response would be, we will usually be right on target.  Our earthly wisdom will fail us because sometimes we get our own opinions entangled with God’s word;  sometimes we make decesions for selfish reasons, and sometimes we don’t have all the facts needed to make the  right choice.

Jesus never fails!!  He is always right.  He is always just on time.  His motives are always pure and unselfish.  He is the beginning and the ending of all wisdom.  Let’s try to be more like the ant or badger.  Better yet, let’s strive to be more like Jesus.

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