Webster defines transition as a passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another.  We all make many transitions during our lifetime.  They are not always enjoyable, but they are necessary  to grow and live in to world day’s.  One of the most difficult transitions that we all face is that of moving from childhood to adulthood.  In truth some never successfully make this transition.

Children can get away with lots of stuff that adults can not.  A toddler can punch his friend in the nose and people just laugh.  If an adult does the same thing, he could go to jail for assault.  When a little one throws his supper on the floor or drops the TV remote in the toilet, it isn’t a big deal.  When a seventeen year old does the same thing, there are consequences to their actions.

Often there is a huge transition for a couple when they have just been married.; more transitions when the babies come.  Moving to a new state or neighborhood can be quite traumatic for whole families.  Transitions can be big issues (divorce, death, moving, a new job )or small ones (a new puppy, trying a new food, or even making new friend).

Transition come in the spiritual realm as well. I Peter 2:2 says we should desire the sincere milk of the Word that we may grow.  in Hebrews 5:12-14 speaks of one maturing to eat strong meat;  a place of maturity where one begins to bless others instead of always seeking their own blessing. A Christian who has been serving God for 20 years, should be ready to find a place of ministry themselves.

Nothing is sadder than to have someone leave the church, “because our needs aren’t being met anymore”.  We all can help minster  to someone. As soon as we recieve Jesus into our life we have something to offer.  Serving and blessing others doesn’t mean you have o teach or preach, although it can be that. A well placed, “Good morning, God loves you) can make all the difference to someone who is feelin sad or lonely.  Bringing a few cans of food to the church pantry can be ministry to someone’s hungry.

So let’s grow up and help each other though the difficult transitions of life.

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