Depending on where you live the weather can changed drastically during the changing of the seasons.  If you live in Hawaii or Florida the changes will not be so dramatic.  Since I live in northern Ohio, I get to enjoy the beauty of each season.  I must confess that summer is the best for me.  I don’t mind the heat and I love to swim and do other outside activities.  We had several days that were over 100 degrees this year, but I didn’t mind.

Now the air is turning cooler and the temperature is dipping into the low forties.  My roses are giving their last blooms for the summer and the swimming pools are all closed. The first frost is just around the corner. That makes me sad.  Although fall has many beautiful attributes, I already long for spring.  The trees all change from green to yellow, orange, red and brown.  The smell of burning leaves fills the country air and the jackets come out of our closets.

Winter has it’s own special attraction; Christmas!!  I love Christmas and snow, for maybe a week or two.  Then we can get back to warmer weather.  Unfortunately there are things that need to happen during the winter, that I find distasteful, like tons of snow and ice, below zero temperatures, cold winds, and slippery ice patches.  However, the farmers welcome the snow cover to help their winter wheat crop.  We need several below zero temps to kill off the bug population for next year.  This year we had a mild winter and the mosquito and flea populations were crazy.

Spring is a time for new life and resurrection, not just in regards to Jesus, but in nature as well.  It’s so exciting when the first little crocus push through the snow.  It brings hope for many more flowers and warmer days ahead.  But, alas, we must first get through the fall and winter before we can look forward to summer again.  Such is life in Ohio.  Maybe I should move to someplace that is always warm.  Unfortunately, I have lived in this little town my whole life and I know that I would miss the changing of the seasons.

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