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January 2012 Archives

    Why is it that our national leaders have time and energy to figure what our children should have for lunch, but they can’t agree on budget issues.  Why do they even care what these kids have for lunch?  Is […]

     A few nights ago we experienced the largest solar flares in over 8 years.  These solar storms travel at 4 million MRH.  When the geomagnetic particles meet with the Earth’s atmosphere, they create a beautiful sights in the skies.  […]

The new year is upon us and we each have our own dreams and aspirations as to what that year will hold for us.  Life really comes with no guarantees, but here are some simple ways to make this year […]

     Celebrity chef and Food Network star, Paula Deen, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 3 years ago.  She chose to keep that knowledge to herself until she could find a way to help others with the same diagnosis. […]

Every day, sometimes every hour we have to make choices that concern our lives and well being.  A few months ago I watched as a group of children tried to make wise choices regarding their candy selections.  When I was […]

     Here in Ohio we often have enough wind during the winter months to measure a wind chill factor.  That isn’t the actual temperature, but rather the temperature that it feels like to our bodies because of the wind.  Today […]

    We finally have the first snowfall of the winter in Ohio.  Is there anything whiter than new fallen snow?  I don’t think so.  I doubt if God would have used that as an object of comparison regarding our sins, […]

   With the coming of each new year comes the notion that we have a new beginning.  Of course, this quite true, but not only with the coming of a new year.  God’s Word tells us in Lamentations 3:22-24, “It […]

     Aren’t you tired of all political ads on TV and the political phone calls and fliers in the mail?  I sure am and we still have months to go before the 2012 Presidential election.  I wonder what would happen […]

I often drive by this junk yard and wonder what has happened to put each item in the heap.   I guess I am just naturally curious;or maybe I just have an over active imagination.  I hear so many people say they […]