Why is it that our national leaders have time and energy to figure what our children should have for lunch, but they can’t agree on budget issues.  Why do they even care what these kids have for lunch?  Is there nothing more crucial to our nations well being and safety that they could be focusing their attention on?

   My mom told me what to eat when I was a kid.  If I didn’t like what they were having as the hot lunch at school, I brought a sandwich, a cookies, and a piece of fruit.  What’s wrong with that? 

     The school menus weren’t difficult to make or eat.  We had things like baked spaghetti, with a jello salad, carrots sticks and milk and peach slices, or grilled cheese and tomato soup, with applesauce and a rice krispie treat.  The most unhealthy thing we ever got was fish sticks and tater tots or maybe hot dogs.  Although, they did make a mean apple crisp or peach crumble.

     Most of the kids ate their lunches because they were hungry and that was what was set before them.  Today if they don’t like it, they can go to a vending machine and use their lunch money on chips, candy, soda and ice cream.   So remove the machines, we survived without them.

    Children need more than pizza and hamburgers with french fries, or corn dogs and cheese puffs.  Even these things aren’t that bad , but they shouldn’t have them every week.  Tacos the kids love and they are pretty healthy…it’s the brownies, nachos, and chocolate milk that cause a problem.  I could go on and on about this subject, but who would care?

    I just think is ridiculous for the government to think they need to control school lunches and breakfasts.  What will be next?  Will there be a law against flip flops?  They really are terrible for your feet.  Will the government determine what color of socks they should wear?  I say ‘let the government take care of national issues and let the local school districts deal with menus.  Otherwise, we may be feeding our children bean sprouts and humus, with a side of elderberries and green tea.  I wouldn’t eat that!!

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