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September 2011 Archives

Have you ever noticed how cats love to climb up to the high places in your house?  Mine will even jump up to the top of the fireplace or refrigerator just to check out the view.  My husband gets quite […]

I have never been much of a boat person.  Maybe because I get motion sickness very  easily.  I was always fearful on the small boats on Lake Erie.  I wasn’t sure the person handling the controls was really capable to […]

One of the neatest things about the shores of Lake Erie is that there are many places where one can climb up on a big rock and just think or pray.  There are lots of these huge rocks near the […]

These seagulls look as if they are all lined up to see a concert or watch a play.  I don’t particularly like these birds, but they are fun to watch.  They like to poop all over the place, including on anyone […]

Lake Erie is one lake that is known for fast developing storms.   It may be smooth and clear when you leave port, but in a few hours you might be dealing with 10 foot waves.  Isn’t that just like our […]

A friend of mine once told me, “Life is what happens while we’re busy making plans”.   That is so true.  We spend much of our time planning what we will do next, instead of what we are doing right now.  […]

One of the most beautiful places on our Lake Erie shore line is the Marblehead Lighthouse.  Not only is it a lovely spot to picnic and watch the boats come and go, but also quite a tourist attraction.  People can […]

As we travel around the rural area where I live, there are hundreds of barns to see.  Some are top of the line; huge, with fresh paint and a new roof.  Others look like they have been neglected for years.  […]

     What is it with all the licenses we need to have in order to live our lives?  How many do you have?  Do you have all the important ones?  Who decides what is important enough to need a license? […]

     I recently read an article in our local newspaper that told of a new blood test that women can get to determine the gender of their baby before it is born.  The test can be done as early as […]