Tomorrow is National Gratitude Day, otherwise known as Thanksgiving Day.

I have much to be thankful for this year – toping my list is that my two daughters now live in my same neighborhood. It is such fun to have them nearby – the grandkids popping in and out! I love it.

And another blessing has been my sister, Anne Lotz’s health having had a struggle with breast cancer this year. She is doing so very well and we are all grateful.

When one of your loved ones walks through the Valley of the Shadow of Death it makes you pause and realize life is fragile and to appreciate each day as a gift from God. And that our relationships are dear.

Perhaps there will be those at your table that you just don’t like. Most of us have that experience.
That’s OK. Some people we don’t like. But check to see if there is unforgiveness in your heart. You can decide to forgive regardless. That decision – a matter of the will – can open the door for the Holy Spirit to come in and inhabit that decision and help you live it out.

Maybe you are not even willing for that. Ask God to help you to be willing to be willing.

It can be a life-long process. But so worth it. What a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving around your table.

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