I baked two 10 pound turkey’s this year rather than one great big one. I did it so the birds would be more tender and we’d have plenty of leftovers. They were tender and we did ave leftovers. A lot.
And we enjoyed them but after so many days you get tired of them. So what do you do with them. Most of us for health concerns pitch them.

And I began to think…so many of us have leftovers in our lives. Leftover anger, bitterness, hurt, unforgiveness. We hang on to them because they have grown comfortable us – and they give us a sense of being in control.

For health concerns we need to pitch them. It’s a process that sometimes takes a lifetime. So it’s good to start now. Who wants to face the Lord Jesus with our leftovers still in our hearts? How to start? Make the decision in your mind and will to do it. Make the choice. When you do that the Holy Spirit will inhabit that decision and begin to work it out in and through you.

No. It won’t be easy. The emotions will come back to remind you of the hurt but emotions don’t tell the truth. Only God’s Word is the truth. Use it to renew your mind – memorize a verse that applies to your situation and every time that hurt rolls back in, quote that scripture to yourself.

One day you will realize that the leftovers are gone! And you will find yourself praising God for the work He did in your heart and mind!

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