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In the mostly Pentecostal/fundamentalist churches my Dad pastored, quips that played off scriptures would get a quick frown, if not a secretive note or phone call to the Rev. Robert E. Mims Sr. advising that his son was “in need …Read More

One of these days, I will shuffle off this mortal coil, vacate the earthly tent (as Paul put it), slip beyond the veil, or any of the myriad other metaphors for death. As a preacher’s kid, I had to attend …Read More

Sometimes, you need a crazy, loud or even obnoxious prophet to shake people up, make them rethink the slippery moral slope they are on and make a commitment to turn around and do what’s right. John the Baptist, who identified …Read More

Nearly 2,200 years ago, members of such Jewish sects as the Essenes secreted nearly 1,000 biblical and related Jewish texts and records in caves along the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea. As preservation goes, their instincts were pretty good. …Read More

I first caught the disconnect between the fundamentalist Christian upbringing I had, and what Jesus actually taught, when it came to the question of war.  In Sunday school, this preacher’s progeny, along with the other kids, would be led in …Read More

The class I both hated the most, and was most intrigued by in college was the Philosophy of Logic. And the segment of that class that triggered a migraine was one using various stages and methods of “sequential calculus” to …Read More

So, Baylor University says, 20 percent of Americans are convinced that the Creator of the Universe, He Who Holds Existence in His Mind, the Prime Mover, i.e., God . . . actively involves Himself in the world’s economy. And, one in …Read More

It’s inevitable. There you are, possibly dozing off mid-way through your pastor’s sermon when he pulls this out of his ecclesiastical hat: “In the original Greek” . . . or original Hebrew, or Aramaic, etc. So much for those Sunday …Read More

Stress. Worry. Sleepless nights. These plagues of the psyche are as common to humankind as the need to breathe, eat and love. And just as true, the former also are proven to be detrimental to the latter. Too much stress …Read More

There was a time, many years ago now, when I used to watch Pat Robertson’s “700 Club” and think it was a pretty good program. It had inspiring stories of faith, outreach and emergency aid programs. It was an example …Read More