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Mess with someone’s scriptures, holy sites, holy figures, sacred symbols and icons or even their blessed undergarments (shout out to my Mormon friends, and the antics of Latter-day Saint underwear tossing street preachers at Salt Lake City’s Temple Square), and …Read More

I love ebooks. On my Android phone, or my Nook, laptop and even on my aging desktop PC, they’ve become my medium of choice for reading and studying. My once rather large collection of bound, paper volumes in years’ past …Read More

Christian leaders, whether speaking from the Holy See in Rome,  the stages of America’s mega church multimedia wonders or the meanest, rusting music-stand pulpit of storefront inner-city chapel, all decry what they see as the growing bias of secular media …Read More

So, that bastion of truth, fairness and letting us “decide,” Rupert Murdock’s Fox News – or more precisely, “Fox & Friends”  host Ainsley Earhardt — recently declared that Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is “obviously not . . . a …Read More

I never heard but a snippet, here and there, of an Amy Winehouse song. But I’d see her on the news, being led to some courtroom, her latest stint in rehab or staggering at a concert, forgetting lyrics and being …Read More

The horrific terror attacks in Norway Friday — and that’s what they were, whether perpetrated by Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, or home-grown extremists as it appears to be in this case — led to a lot of initial knee-jerk bigotry. In this …Read More

It seems having “Jesus” or “Christ” or even “Christian” on the signs of churches or logos of ministries – even long-established ones dedicated to spreading the gospel – has become passé. Even evangelical and fundamentalist congregations have been jettisoning those …Read More

  On Wednesday, July 20, convicted Texas killer Mark Stroman will be executed – unless a campaign by the most unlikely of champions succeeds in winning a stay, and possibly commutation of his sentence to life behind bars. That champion …Read More

There seems to be a helluva a lot of talk about hell lately. The debate about exactly what “hell” is has raged for millennia. The place — or concept of such a place of torment for unrepentant sinners — varies …Read More

It turns out that the Son of God is no stranger to social media. He did that pretty well, as you  recall, more than 2,000 years ago. Huge crowds followed him, even into the countryside. He taught them, blessed them, …Read More