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It’s been an interesting week at Anne Rice’s Facebook page. The bestselling novelist, whose conversion to Christianity was a pretty big deal a few year back, had become everyone’s favorite celebrity Christian. She was blurbing N.T. Wright books and sharing …Read More

When I decided to start this guest-blogger series — which I’m calling “Voices of Doubt” and which features friends of mine telling their own stories of doubt — I thought immediately about asking Adam Ellis to participate. Matthew Paul Turner …Read More

In Eastern Europe, a priest has been accused of drowning an infant boy in the process of baptism. It was an immersion baptism, and apparently the priest didn’t cover the child’s mouth. Despite the child clearly being in distress during …Read More

Jason: So I see there’s a new book shown over there in the right-hand sidebar. JB: Yes, there is. What of it? I was just noticing, that’s all. It has an eye-catching cover, what with the bold yellow type and …Read More

The question “Does God exist?” is a pretty big one in my personal life. My answer to that question determines all kinds of things about me — my ethics, my career, how I spend my time, how I relate to …Read More

As I mentioned prior to last week’s post by Anna Broadway, I think it’s time to begin listening to other voices beside my own as we talk about religious doubt and spiritual uncertainty. I’m going to make this a regular …Read More

I get asked occasionally if I’ve heard this or that quote about doubt and faith from such-and-such famous person. In most (but not all) cases, yes, I’m aware of the quote. This is due to two reasons: 1) Because I’m …Read More

Yesterday I returned from a 4-day adventure in the Pecos Wilderness at the top of New Mexico. It was my annual backpacking trip with three old friends (and two new ones), and as usual, I returned with a sunburn, a …Read More

My friend Lauren Sandler, a journalist, author, and blogger, wrote the cover story for the July 19 issue of Time Magazine. Lauren, the author of the book Righteous: Dispatches from the Evangelical Youth Movement, is an only child herself. Her …Read More

There are more perspectives on doubt, of course, than just my own. I thought it would be a worthwhile idea to let other doubting believers discuss their own experiences with spiritual uncertainty. First up is Anna Broadway, author of Sexless …Read More