Saturn enters Pisces on March 7, 2023. It stays there until May 24, 2025, when it enters Aries — then ducks back into Pisces between September 2025 and February 2026. I don’t intend to make many general predictions for what this will bring to you and the world in general because let’s be honest: any sentence that contains the word “Saturn” seems to automatically induce a little panic in anyone who knows their astrology.

(No matter what transits are happening, how they play out in your life depends on your individual birth chart. Write me with your date, time, and place of birth — and I’ll send you a copy and a free sneak preview!)

How Saturn will affect you will depend on the details of your individual birth chart, and of course, what other planets are doing for or against you at any given time. Instead, I’m going to give you a listing of some of the major aspects helpful. or otherwise that Saturn we’ll be making during 2023.

For the most part, things are looking pretty constructive. For example, on March 30 Mars trine Saturn is exact after Mars spent far too much time in Gemini for my taste. Mars in early Cancer, although considered a “debilitated” placement, getting a trine from Saturn might really help some of us get it together as far as all the things that may have blown up in our faces in the preceding months.

On May 30 Venus in Cancer trine Saturn is exact. This can be a good, positive, and productive time for both your love life and your material resources. This is especially so when you consider that Venus and Saturn are considered great friends. Yes, that’s right. They may sound like an odd couple, but they are nonetheless great friends.

On June 19th, Jupiter in Taurus will be sextile Saturn. This is an excellent time to get things in order regarding matters related to education, government, and your philosophical worldview.

And finally, it wouldn’t be right if it was all sunshine if we’re talking about a year of Saturn, right? On November 25, Mars in early Sagittarius will make the square to Saturn. This is a very difficult time to keep things from blowing up. It’s also not a good time to start taking up juggling chainsaws as a hobby.

Want to know how to work with the current and future energy to get maximum benefit? Feel free to write me about it!

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