You know that classic scene in so many movies and TV shows, where someone is getting married and the officiant asks if anyone objects, and someone stands up and brings the ceremony to a screeching halt…?

Anyway: this, recently from my email,

We have a wild story and we decided that April 26th at around sunrise, remember we have small kids and who knows what time it will actually start, but the idea is _______ on April 26th! We wanted the Sun in Taurus as we feel it’s family oriented and well we are tired of waiting. If we do sunrise it would be a Moon in Libra and I think I want that…


(No matter what transits are happening, how they play out in your life depends on your individual birth chart. Write me with your date, time, and place of birth — and I’ll send you a copy and a free sneak preview!)

Now don’t get me wrong: TC and her soon-to-be-husband seem nice, but this made me want to scream — because it’s an excellent example of how a little astrological knowledge can be a very dangerous thing.

When it comes to things like choosing the date and time for a marriage ceremony, we call that “electional astrology.” It’s an incredibly useful and under-appreciated branch of astrology. Choosing when to open your business or initiate an action (including a marriage) can be the single biggest factor in that thing’s success (or lack of it).

First of all, normally if I was choosing a date and time for a wedding ceremony, I would ask my client for a range of possible dates that they can work with. In this case the date was already set: April 26. Although I agree with TC that the Taurus/Libra symbolism sounds nice, BUT… a sunrise ceremony would involve Sun conjunct Uranus on the Ascendant, and Saturn in the Tenth House. Except for under very special circumstances, having either Saturn or Uranus on an angle is a bad idea. And what’s more, the Moon is Void of Course at that time, after a square to Pluto.

Holding the ceremony at sunset just makes that situation worse, moving Uranus to the Descendant (which naturally rules “marriage”). Furthermore, it puts Saturn in the 4th House, within weak conjunction range to the IC (“home life”). Who wants to come home to Saturn every night?

Fortunately, there is a solution. Move the ceremony to 5:30 PM.

Dealing with the Saturn-Uranus square is going to be an issue for all of us at one point or another throughout the rest of the year. At least this time of day moves the Sun-Uranus conjunction into the Eighth House, along with Mercury and the Eighth House ruler Venus. Hopefully this will at least make for some freaky and/or interesting sex.

Saturn has to go somewhere, and this time of day puts it in the Fifth House. On the one hand, if this couple wants to have more children, that could pose a bit of a difficulty. On the other hand, with Saturn being the traditional ruler of the fifth House, and Jupiter being there as well, it might not be so difficult. And also, if they already have three children, I’m not sure if they want more kids anyway.

There are a couple of things in this chart that a beginning astrology student might be worried about. First of all, Moon in Scorpio. Moon in Scorpio is easily one of the most undervalued and most unnecessarily picked on placements in the Zodiac. But regardless of the Sign, a waxing Moon in the second House is usually good for money. Furthermore, the seventh House ruler of this chart is Mars, and it’s conjunct the Midheaven (“purpose”). A lot of people will complain about Mars being weak in  A lot of people will complain about Mars weak in Cancer, but for purposes of this chart it’s pretty well placed.

Now only two details remain to be ironed out: will there be an open bar at the reception, and am I invited?

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