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KL writes:

“From as far back as I can remember I have been able to see sprites, many at a time, one at a time, animals etc… As a small child I would astral project (not sure if that’s the correct term) leave my body and go to the ‘near and far’ as I called it. I have never been afraid of what I see rather more comforting. My daughter has the gift also just not as strong, why I’m emailing is because recently myself and my daughter have been seeing dark figures in our home… Just wondering what if any advise you can offer? ”

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This is a fascinating subject, and before I get around to answering you, I’d like to say something about how this is one of those situations where reading too much about the astrology might actually leave you more confused rather than less.

You don’t have to be an expert astrologer to look at your chart and see that you have a lot of placements in Capricorn. And if you read up on the basic description of what a Capricorn is supposed to be like, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of sources will make you sound like you are 100% all work and business, all of the time. Not the kind of person who goes around seeing sprites and having paranormal experiences, right?

On the other hand, all of your Capricorn placements are in the Twelfth House. Any House in the birth chart rules a lot of different things, but the Twelfth House is the House most closely associated with things like psychic ability and the paranormal. Put those two basic descriptions together and you get… what, exactly?

First of all, no matter what you read on the Internet about your birth chart, you are who you are. In this case, based on my understanding of your life in general — yes, you are clearly a competent and capable human being. And there is absolutely no reason why someone like that cannot have experiences with what we call “the paranormal.”

I myself have Saturn in the Ninth House, which tends to make me a little bit skeptical about everything – even the things I believe in. I have found this approach to be really helpful throughout the years. I suspect there is some parallel with you as to how you see these things.

There are some things that you’d have to be crazy to believe in… until you’ve seen them for yourself, and then you’d have to be crazy to not believe in them. This is one of the biggest and weirdest lessons I have learned from this life, because believe it or not I like things to be rational and make sense too.

As for your daughters gifts? A big pile-up of planets in one Sign is called a stellium, and it is in the Twelfth House. Your daughter has a similar situation in her Eighth House, which is the other House most closely associated with the paranormal.

As for the recent turn in events with what you’re seeing? All of your Capricorn placements are ruled by Saturn, and yours is in Gemini. In the last few months, the transiting north node has been conjunct your Saturn. You could make a case that this means that some kind of karmic destiny is being teased out of you as far as your ability to see these things.

My advice to you? Stay open to it and learn from it as much as you can. Just when you think you’ve got life figured out, it can get stranger. so why not enjoy the adventure while it lasts?

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