First of all, I would like to correct an error. Yesterday when I wrote here about the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle interview with Oprah Winfrey, I clearly stated:

“…my prediction about the effects on the Royal Family from tonight’s interview with Harry and Meghan? On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is ‘nothing really,’ and 10 is ‘Princess Diana’s legendary interview with Martin Bashir in 1995?’ I’m scoring this one at somewhere between nine and 11.”

Unfortunately, I held back at the last minute. What I really had wanted to say was “between nine and 14,” but I pulled my punches. My apologies.

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I wrote here once before about the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markel, before the exact date had been set. At that time I was concerned because Meghan looked to be having some difficult transits, both at the time and following on for the next two or three years after that.

After the recent interview Harry and Meghan had with Oprah Winfrey, it certainly appears that was the case. However, we discovered during this interview that the actual wedding between Harry and Meghan happened three days before the official ceremony. As an astrologer, I naturally perked up as soon as I heard this and had to have a look at the chart for the real wedding day.

(Yes, I know. I’m completely blowing past all the allegations of the Royals being racist, and of them choosing public image over getting Meghan Markel professional help and attention when she desperately wanted it. But something tells me that this story is far from over, and that I will be revisiting it at some point. )

The biggest issue with the “official” wedding date (May 19, 2018) was that the Moon was closely opposite Pluto in Capricorn. Since (either in a person or a project) the Moon represents “the emotional comfort zone,” this seems like an unfortunate aspect to have in a wedding chart. But in hindsight? The fractious imagery of Moon opposite Pluto in the “official” Royal Wedding’s chart — performed for public image purposes — could indicate the ultimate effect this marriage has had (and will have) on the public image of the Royals.

The transits to the chart for the actual wedding features something very interesting that seems to have a lot to say about the current state of Harry and Meghan’s marriage.

The Royal Couple were really married on May 16. We don’t know the time of day, and the chart I have posted above for 1 PM local time is purely speculative. Any wedding that day, whether it was one minute before midnight, or 11:59 PM, would have featured Moon in Gemini. On that day the Moon covered a range between one and 19 degrees Gemini. Based on the assumption that the wedding happened during the usual hours when weddings happen, this gives us a Moon somewhere around roughly 10 degrees Gemini.

This becomes incredibly significant when we look at the transits to the marriage chart at the time of the interview with Oprah Winfrey. The interview was released at 7 PM Eastern Time yesterday. At that time transiting Saturn was at 9 degrees, 12 minutes Aquarius, making a very close trine to the Moon in the wedding chart. A trine from Saturn lends strength and stability — something the emotional core (the Moon) of any marriage could certainly use. It’s also noteworthy that transiting Saturn at the time of the interview was within less than a degree of the exact conjunction to the wedding chart’s South Node.

What can we learn from that particular transit? Probably that the marriage between Harry and Meghan has been significantly strengthened by them taking a public stand together. That, and the transit to the South Node is certainly symbolic of “cutting away from past duties and obligations.” Or if you prefer to think of the Nodes in “karmic” terms? The Karma of this relationship just ran over the Dogma of the Royal Family’s “everything is fine” mentality, caused by fear of the tabloids.

We will see in the following days what effect this has on Harry and Meghan, how the Royal Family will respond, and how all this will affect them. In the meantime, the one thing I can say for sure? Harry and Meghan are still standing, and are likely standing together stronger than ever.

Your move, Royal Family.

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