(This is part of the Mars in Aries series I will be running throughout the rest of this year. Mars is going to spend a ridiculously long time in Aries, and the more prepared you are for it, the better. CLICK HERE for the introduction to this series.)

THIS WEEK: This week Mars spans the distance from 15 to 18 degrees Aries. It doesn’t form any exact major aspects to any planet other than the Moon this week.

(Wondering what the next few months hold in store for you? Write me with your date, time, and place of birth — and I’ll send you a free sneak preview!)

BUT: This is the week when Mars comes into range to the exact square to Jupiter, then Pluto, then Saturn. For many of us as individuals and as a collective? This may very well be like many of the difficulties being faced by the world in the last six months and liberally pouring gasoline on them. Please take the time to be careful, and to care for yourself and for others.

WHO WINS/WHO LOSES?: Any major planets or placements in your birth chart between 10 and 23 degrees of the Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius) will feel a distinct boost. Your Air Sign placements (Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius) will receive a less obvious (but still real) shot of energy — although for Libra, it may not be that comfortable. Any major birth chart placements in or around those degrees of Cancer or Capricorn? They will be feeling some agitation.

MOON ASPECTS: Starting on Wednesday evening (Eastern Time) the Moon will be forming a trine to Mars. That could be useful energy — too bad it peaks in the middle of the night for many of us. Listen for the cat sprinting around more than usual in the wee hours.

Saturday? The Moon squares Mars as it passes over Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. My advice? STAY HOME.

WHY THIS WEEK IS IMPORTANT: Other than all the previous warnings in this blog entry I’ve already given you? That’s not enough? Okay then. Pay close attention to events this week, as Mars (retrograde) will return to these degrees —

(deep breath)


— in the second half of October, then the retrograde ends, and Mars hits these degrees again throughout November and into early December.

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