Oh My Stars

polished bg 2 squareI’ve written a lot about the effects that the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is having (and will have) on the birth charts of many of you as individuals. But it feels a little like I’ve neglected some of the larger social and historical implications of this transit: and Big Ones like this always leave their mark on History somehow.

It’s easy to see how the symbolism of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn could be interpreted as having something to do with “control issues.” That seems to be playing out in some ways now in terms of politics and economic thought — but I normally don’t discuss those things here. Instead, I’d like to discuss what I’m doing to personally claim responsibility for a “control issue.” Specifically, a control issue that (although in one sense) is larger than any one of us, all of us must address as individuals.

I’d like to take a minute to tell you about Polished Man.

Every October, people (but most notably men) around the world are painting one fingernail. It’s a small, quiet gesture designed to provoke conversation and action about a terrible fact that impacts us all, one way or another.

One in five children worldwide will face physical, mental, and/or sexual abuse at the hands of an adult. And although we should all agree that this is terrible, there is an ugly truth behind this: the majority of the adult perpetrators are men.


Hold up: some of you — you know who you are — are getting triggered and preparing to say things like “oh, you’re just ‘Virtue Signalling'” or “#notallmen.” To those of you out there thinking that way, let me spare you a little typing.

1) Yes, I realize that “not all men,” et cetera. I know I’m not one of them, and hopefully you aren’t either. But if you want to be a classic, logical, level-headed dude about this, go check out the statistics and tell me if I’m wrong when I point out that the majority of offenders are men.

2) As for “virtue signalling”? Any time anyone openly makes a moral or ethical statement, it can be dismissed as “virtue signalling.” So, if that’s your beef with this, let me ask you: why is “men should not abuse children” a virtue you take so much offense to?

Now, go yell at strangers on the Internet somewhere else, thank you very much.


By doing this, I’m not asking you for money. If you are moved to donate to an appropriate charity because of this? Great. But if you are moved to accept that we all have some degree of complicity in this, and that we should stop and consider that? As far as I’m concerned… mission accomplished.

We are all a part of a larger world. We all have our tiny individual pieces of the garden to tend. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction may be a reminder of some Ugly Truths that need to be addressed, but it can also compel us to take action as individuals, in no matter how small a way. In the end, it all adds up.

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