beliefnet astrology matthew currie venus mars jupiterWhen one is an astrologer, or spends a lot of time looking at astrology, one should always resist the urge to become too fatalistic. No one set of transits or astrological conditions will ever completely guarantee success, and there is no such thing as an inherently, unavoidably bad day. You take the good with the bad, right?

Or, is there? Maybe it’s just me and how the transits work in my birth chart personally, but I’m not looking forward to this week. There are a few things going on that will make things rather lousy for a number of us.

First of all, if you aren’t already familiar with the effects of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that is currently happening, please CLICK HERE and get caught up. That conjunction is heading towards the exact degree, and although it doesn’t get to that point until January, it is very much in effect now.

That particular conjunction is being exacerbated this week and next by transiting Mars in Libra, which is square Saturn now and will end this week in the almost exact square to Pluto. Odds are very good that even if you haven’t been experiencing particularly bad effects from the Saturn Pluto conjunction, someone around you will be. Adding a square from Mars rarely makes anything easier, safer, or simpler.

Normally in a situation like this I advise people to remain calm, think through their problems, and communicate clearly but effectively with others. That’s all complicated this week, because Mercury is going retrograde on the 31st. And here you thought Halloween was spooky enough with just Mars square Saturn and Mars square Pluto in effect!

In the event you find yourself facing some particularly difficult circumstances in the next week or so? Relax. it’s almost certain that at some point in your past you’ve been through rougher transit’s than this. and when in doubt, you can always write an astrologer for advice.

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