matthew currie astrology twin flame ripoffFirst of all, if you haven’t read Part One of this blog entry, please CLICK HERE for it.

Second, I would like to apologize for the unusual length of this blog entry, but I believe it is utterly vital that everything it contains be heard. The following are statements made by two people who have left the Twin Flame cult I wrote about last time. If you thought it was bad before, wait until you see what they have to say.

I have only made a few minor edits and changes to punctuation in order to improve readability in this format. All identifying information for these people, who will only refer to as A and B, has been removed. I also continue to refer to the cult in question “Tex and Edna’s Twin Flame Emporium.” But f you want to know more? Google”Twin Flame” “pyramid scheme” and “cult” and it won’t take you long to learn more.

Finally, to Tex and Edna themselves, or any of their current followers who happened to be reading this: I’ve heard some stories about how you’ve hassled people you consider to be your enemies. As of this blog entry, I am done with you. But if you decide you aren’t done with me? Rest assured, I am older and cagier and calmer than either those people you’ve tried to harm, or you are. Precautions have been taken, as you will learn if your arrogance makes you think you can harm me. “Love and light” is awesome, but sometimes having a friend working for the IRS is even better.


How did you first become involved with “Tex and Edna” ?

A: I found T & E after a traumatic life event and breaking up with my Twin Flames/lover. I was told that they had the answers to all my problems, that if I aligned to them I was aligned to God, etc, and that my relationship would heal with God if I keep doing Mirror exercises. This may seem crazy to hear but it happened with a slow process of gaslighting that could make anyone fall into their trap. I had my s–t together enough, but they got me for a time. They practice mind control through their “healing” techniques and brainwashed me into all sorts of troubles with not just my Twin Flames, but my life, work, money and my sanity.

B: I become involved with Tex & Edna by seeing a comment by them on someone else’s YouTube channel. A lot of people have found them through their YouTube channel actually (links their YouTube channel) It’s funny because I think they were telling someone else that they were wrong about Twin Flames… and that’s how I found them with that comment. I found out about their Facebook group and didn’t join right away but then I did. That was the start of destruction.

What was your experience with them like, overall? For an outside perspective, it looks to me like some kind of pyramid scheme, or even a cult.

A: After leaving I can affirm that it is indeed a high control pyramid scheme cult. They practice mind control, and also Tex and Edna have convinced everyone that they are the Master Christ returned- they have talked about making a commune, and also tell everyone within the group that they are the only way that anyone can be in harmony with their Twin Flames.

What they don’t know is that working in the mind like this is actually control, and makes everyone miserable and hooked in a trap, codependent on them for spiritual guidance- and any results they actually may see is often placebo and or through control. Focusing like that on spiritual work and “healing upsets” have everyone involved in a really unhealthy pattern of cycling in upsets. There is a system of people working for them for free, without proper IRS paperwork or insurance, and also they have an army of free coaches and employees that chase after people in Facebook groups and other social media to gaslight them into feeling bad about themselves so they feel brainwashed into needing to buy one of their ridiculous and ineffective expensive classes. People only make money or get raises if they work for Tex and Edna, and there is a high amount of manipulation that happens – as their belief system makes you think. They have a number of brainwashed slaves who do everything for them, and even someone living in their basement.

B: It DEFINITELY IS a pyramid scheme AND a cult! It genuinely is such a terrible place and Tex and Edna will brainwash every single person in there to become their own personal slave. The thing is, some of the people who follow them are genuinely nice people that have good intentions and want to help people, so they get high up in the ranks by following Tex and Edna and then people think this is a nice group because of the followers acting nice at first. That all goes sour really quickly though when you think you need some time before you buy their classes… If you don’t want to give your money to Tex and Edna they will tell you you just have a “block that you need to heal” and “you aren’t loving yourself. Just choose to give yourself love here” completely manipulating you into thinking that if you don’t do exactly what they say then you are “not loving yourself”

Tex himself has claimed that him and Edna are the “Master Christ” the “Second Coming” and the “queen and king of all Creation.” Tex and Edna also claim to already have cured cancer, they claim that their work can cure all diseases and illness (if it’s not working for you then you’re just not doing it right and you need to “heal your upsets”). They speak very rudely and just plain mean to people in the group but they all excuse it because “they’re just showing you love.” They say that abuse is love… They don’t literally say “abuse is love” BUT they DO SAY that “everything is love” “only love is real” and “harm isn’t real” “nothing can harm you because you are a child of God” and if your “Twin Flames” is literally hurting you, they will blame you tell you that’s it’s your fault because it’s something that you need to heal and that your “twin” is “only showing you love.”

So they genuinely do blame the victims and completely excuse the abuse that is being done. They also encourage stalking and encourage people to cheat and break up marriages with their “Twin Flames” they say that since your Twin is only truly yours then it isn’t considered cheating, so you can and you should break up a marriage because it isn’t a “real marriage.”

As for the fact that it is an MLM pyramid scheme, YES it IS an MLM pyramid scheme. Tex and Edna announced a few years ago that you can make money for selling their classes as a referrer. You only get paid when you sell classes for them. For instance, if you get someone to purchase a $2,222 “class” in full then you get to receive $222. Tex PROMISES that you will be making a 6 figure income every single year and if you don’t then you are just “making it hard” and “are not doing it right.” He has told people to quit their jobs and drop out of college to sell the classes for him and Edna. It is really truly terrible. So, yes, to reiterate, ______ is a cult and an MLM pyramid scheme.

How much did your time with Tex and Edna cost you?

A: Somewhere around 10k USD. I bought many sessions, with both them, coaches, classes and their products. Also cost me _____ years of my life. I worked for free brainwashed for nearly a year, and then for like $2 an hour for another 6 months

My TF and I have legal issues- i was actually imprisoned as their brainwashing made me think a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) wasn’t real. Yes they told me that it wasn’t real, and that i should keep pushing my lover like this. I’m not the only one – multiple people have had PPOs filed because of this brainwashed boundary problem, a number have checked into mental institutions, myself wondering if I should at times. As well as many complaining of harrassment, and Tex and Edna and their employees telling people to ignore medical advice, forgo medications and to do the Mirror Exercise instead. I talked a girl down from suicide this morning actually. So yeah it’s pretty expensive and it doesn’t work

B: My time with Tex and Edna cost me hecking about $5,000. They are always coming up with more ways to make money though, so they’ve introduced a “new” coaching program. I was in their Coaches In Training program and was about to become certified before I realised it is deifnitely a cult and I needed to get out of there immediately where they require you to pay then money to train you to sell for them.

The old training program that I was a part of required us all to buy all of their products (adding up to around $5,000 and to pay them $500 to receive our “certificate” that hold absolutely no merit!) Because this is not a real certificate, it is just a thing that shows people that we have trained under Tex’s and Edna’s program… it really does not mean anything at all whatsoever.

As for my mental state, I became severely depressed while I was training in their program. Tex and Edna will tell ANYONE that their “Life Purpose” is selling things for them. So of course it was assumed that my entire purpose of living was to sell Tex’s and Edna’s classes for them. They try to guilt you if you do not want to sell for them. They will tell you things like “Don’t you want to be sharing God’s Love? What can be better than sharing God’s Love?’ and won’t let it go until you choose to submit and obey them.

They are like this about absolutely everything. If you do not submit and agree with Tex and Edna then they will initially tell you in a very mean way that you have a block you need to heal. Again if you do not submit then they will kick you out, excommunicate you, tell everyone in the group to block you cease communication and they will publicly shame you in their group. They have made videos for everyone to see shaming people who they have kicked out, and they have told lies about them.

Tex and Edna blamed two women they kicked out as the reason they weren’t bringing in as many leads sales as they wanted to, saying that their energy was “toxic” and we all needed to stay away from them and ask for a refund, even if what we got from them had nothing to do with Tex and Edna.

Back to my depression: yes I become severely depressed there, and it really affected me mentally. There were so many things I wanted to do but I couldn’t because Tex told us all to focus every free second of our time on reeling in new leads to make sales. I honestly thought my life was over at some point, and what kind of life is that, when I can’t even live the life that I want to and be free?

There have been a few people who have killed themselves while being in the Twin Flames cult, and from what I heard from someone else, the people in there were not even allowed to grieve and mourn (but this may be hearsay as I personally have not witnessed it). But the truth is that Tex and Edna are awful, manipulating, and abusive people. It is incredibly terrible being in that cult. My advice to everyone even thinking about joining? Don’t, and get out, you’ll be much safer and happier without the abuse.

Did Tex and Edna help you find and be with your Twin Flames? And what appears to be their success rate?

A:  Absolutely not. My Twin Flame ran for the hills and put up as many walls as he could while I was working with them. He acted like he didn’t even know me, and that I was an enemy. He showed me the whole time the abuse that Tex and Edna were actually inflicting on me.

Their success rate? Zero. Zero people actually have harmony in that group because they all believe that God is outside of them and that they have to do the Mirror Exercise to “ascend.” We are already Divine and one with love so this is a pretty big lie.

They have less unions than the general population, only 6 have supposedly found harmony in 3 years! Every time a couple gets seemingly closer to Tex and Edna you see them have issues, get kicked out, and then publicly degraded in their Facebook group. One has to ask themselves – would Jesus make fun of the poor or even people who went against his teaching? The more people who start to question the better for their freedom from it.

I should also mention that a former member committed suicide. And it was hushed up and never mentioned in their group. The Leadership (which I was a member of) made a decision that it could be bad PR.

B: No. Tex and Edna did not help me find my Twin Flame. I don’t even believe in Twin Flames anymore. Tex and Edna have a class called “Twin Flames Ascension School” which I have purchased and watched some classes. They have “brought Twin Flames together” when really they did not. Either someone found their Twin by themselves or Tex and Edna will assign someone a Twin Flame. They will manipulate you to think about it and if you show interest in anyone they’ll be like BOOM THAT’S your Twin Flame!)

These “Twin Flames” NEVER stay together. They never do. They always end up breaking up and leaving the group usually. Of course they do. Tex and Edna teach a very manipulative and abusive way of reaching out to your twin, like the stalking and the “only love is real” I have mentioned above which basically means nothing you can do is wrong, whatever you do to your Twin or your Twin does to you it is justified. Which is absolutely insane! People are supposed to hurt each other and then come back together all lovey dovey like nothing happened. Absolutely sick!

You should see the people currently in the cult. The higher-ups under Tex and Edna have been there for years and the only progress they have made with their Twin is them texting them back and then blocking them right after. Every single high-up person has been blocked from social media and telephone by their twin. Of course, no one wants a crazy stalker around them claiming that they are their one and only true love and they are meant to be together even though the other person doesn’t even want to speak to them.

These Twin Flame people don’t even consider the other person’s feelings. They are totally narcissistic and think the entire world revolves around them because every single thing is meant to teach them something and is meant to love them and to teach them to love themselves. So every single thing in this world happens because of them. So, if their Twin tells them they never want to speak to them again, what a Twin Flames believer says is “they’re just showing me love. I need to love myself and then they will talk to me. I know they really love me. I will keep trying to contact them every day because I know they love me and we are meant to be together forever” It is absolutely insane.

Also they are so pushy! I took one of their higher up’s own personal Twin Flames class and she completely pushed me to find my twin quickly. She gave me a decree that Tex and Edna give people, and I did it and when I came back the next week she was absolutely shocked that I didn’t find my Twin since everyone finds them within 3 days it seems. So yes, very very pushy. Again to reiterate, no they did not help me to find me twin, and Tex and Edna’s success rate it zero. The only people in “harmonious Twin Flames union” were even together before they knew about Tex and Edna, but they say they owe their success to them so okay. But everyone else has flopped.


Next time: back to astrology. Honest!

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