matthew currie astrology bad transitsMore often than not, it’s bad news or uncertainty that drives people to get a reading from an astrologer. That’s just human nature, I suppose. It’s not like many people suddenly have the urge to drop everything and go see a doctor because they’re feeling perfectly healthy. But what surprises a lot of people reaching out to me under such circumstances is that there is often very good news lurking behind the more obvious bad news.

For example, I have recently dealt with a number of clients who are experiencing the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on either their Midheaven or the ruler of their Midheaven. As you can well imagine, this is making for a lot of career indecision and general job stress for these people. But let’s not forget that if transiting Saturn is on your Midheaven right now, that means your Midheaven is in Capricorn. Saturn rules Capricorn. Therefore you can think of this transit as “your Midheaven is getting a visit from its ruler.” Although stressful, this transit can potentially lead to a great new career path.

A lot of astrologers shy away from the notion of calling transits “good” or “bad.” I can understand that. whether or not a client consciously thinks of it that way, an astrologer is essentially acting as a “translator for the will of The Universe,” and someone in that position that needs to be very mindful of the impact their words can have. This is why I sometimes refer to transits not as “good or bad,” but as “smooth or crunchy.”

(And, by the way, you have may have noticed there are some astrologers out there who act like they are brilliant at translating the will of The Universe, and then actually confuse “the will of The Universe” with their own will. Such people are best avoided, both personally and professionally. As Erin Sullivan first observed in her classic 2001 book The Astrology Of Family Dynamics, “Astrology never lies.” However what she neglected to mention is that “a few astrologers are self-absorbed egomaniacs who get off on pretending they are Nostradamus or something.”)

But is it possible that what we call “bad transits” can actually lead to excellent results? They can, in two very different ways.

First of all, sometimes we have a tendency to hang on to people or situations that are not doing us any good at all. You may not like the idea of breaking up with your spouse or a partner, but if that person is abusing you? Good riddance. And if you’re hanging on to a job you hate just because it pays the bills, then it might very well be worth losing that job in order to find something better for you.

But: suppose you are getting a number of very stressful transits all at once. Say for example that you were born January 1953, time unknown, in Brooklyn New York. Right about now you would be experiencing transiting Saturn, Pluto, and the Nodes all squaring your natal Saturn-Neptune conjunction. Saturn is also rolling back to the exact opposition to your natal Uranus. And just to put the icing on the cake, transiting Neptune is conjunct your natal Venus-Mars conjunction, and transiting Jupiter is square that. That certainly sounds like a time when a whole bunch of karma might catch up with you, especially involving any sexual misconduct (because of your natal Venus-Mars conjunction).

How could a mess like that possibly be good news? Well, in this case it’s because you’re Jeffrey Epstein, and you are about to face justice for the many wrongs you have committed against many young women.

See? Good news, everyone!

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