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matthew-currie-astrology-moon in virgo self careThe Moon enters Virgo on Mother’s Day, and that seems like as good a time as any to discuss something very important that I don’t think I’ve ever really brought up here before: nurturing.

I often get clients who aren’t getting enough care and concern from others, and who keep forgetting to do it for themselves — and some who dismiss the idea that they need to be cared for, even if it’s obvious to everyone else. And yes, specifically, some of my clients have distinct issues with showing themselves care and concern which can be traced back to their mother… or lack thereof.

Thus, for many, Mother’s Day is problematic. It can be like a Christmas with people who insist you aren’t being jolly enough. It can be a reminder of things that happened long ago that you had no control of, but nonetheless the symptoms persist. If you find yourself in that position today, then this is for you.

Astrology can be a great way for you to understand yourself, past present or future. In readings with my clients, I usually tend to focus on the transits more so than the birth chart. But it is undeniable that if the transits say you’re going to get a new job or a new relationship or whatever, you will still be the person experiencing that. And whether any of us like it or not, we are all the product of our pasts, plus whatever efforts we are making in the present.

So, in the best spirit of both Mother’s Day and Moon in Virgo, I ask you today to be kind to yourself, and to others. Practice a little more self care. You may find you need it now more than ever, thanks to the undeniable pressure of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. You may not have gotten the nurturing you needed as a child, but if you are alive enough to read these words, there is still hope. I’m cheering for you.

And, if you yourself are a mother? Thank you for your service.

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