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matthew currie astrology saturn pluto good newsRecently, in the Facebook group I’ve founded about the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, a member spoke up about some of the numerous issues she’s facing because of this transit. Let’s call her “Jane.” Specifically (without giving too much detail away), Jane’s partner won’t move out and won’t pay any bills, and Jane has recently been startled by a powerful belief that her father may be dying soon.

Without going into the kind of detail a reading would, there are a few things here I should point out. You seem to know your astrology, Jane, and undoubtedly you’re looking at the Saturn-Pluto conjunction hitting your Descendant and thinking “well, that explains my domestic situation.” And, you’d be right. On top of that, your concern about your father could be coming from the Saturn-Pluto conjunction square your natal Sun-Pluto conjunction (although the orb is a bit wide for my tastes, and it’s “out of Sign”) .

When there are big scary transits going on, it’s easy to overlook the good things that are happening — especially when looking at one’s own transits. For example: the Saturn-Pluto transit is making a sextile to your Midheaven, a sextile to your natal Saturn and trine your natal Mars. So although your love life may stink right now and you may be worried about Dad, here’s a general summary of the potential good coming from this transit:

  • You are likely to make some breakthroughs with work and career: specifically, you might find a more ideal line of work for yourself.
  • Likewise, the sextile to your Mars indicates new drive and new ambitions, and that can help you find breakthroughs with any long-term obstacles you’ve been struggling against.
  • And finally… get this: I know your love life isn’t winning any prizes right now, but the Saturn -Pluto conjunction is making a helpful sextile to your natal Saturn… the ruler of your Seventh House/Descendant. Like most people in your current situation, you probably aren’t in the mood to shop for a Replacement Partner right now (and I wouldn’t recommend that right now, either). But given that this transit ends with the sextile to your Descendant ruler? Don’t be too surprised if your love life looks a lot better in 2020 than it does right now.

See? Sure, things are tough, but there’s plenty of hope. Now maybe some time we should talk about transiting Uranus on your North Node and square your Jupiter…

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