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matthew currie astrology jupiter retrogradeJupiter turns retrograde this Wednesday at 24 degrees Sagittarius, and rolls all the way back to 14 degrees Sagittarius on August 11th, when the retrograde ends.

Jupiter retrograde shouldn’t be greeted with the same degree of mistrust that a Mercury retrograde usually gets. It seems that the further a planet is from the Sun, the less obvious the effects of a retrograde. That’s a good thing, because the farther a planet is from the Sun, the longer its retrograde lasts.

Nonetheless, I’m a little worried about the effects of this particular retrograde. Certainly if you are planning legal action or a wedding during this time, it would be a really good idea to consult with an astrologer about the timing. But overall what really has me concerned about this Jupiter retrograde is the Jupiter Neptune square.

The effects of Jupiter square Neptune are relatively weak (but definitely in effect) at the moment, but over the course of the next four months that effect will be increasing. And what has its primary result been so far? Take a good look at both your personal life and the state of the world in general since about the beginning of the year. Notice there seems to be a fair bit more delusion than usual going on?

But not you of course. Just everyone else.

Here is a handy guide as to how to avoid anyone else’s on social media. You’re welcome.


There are a lot of things that I’m not supposed to be talking about here on Beliefnet. There are plenty of other places on the internet where you can call people idiots for their political or spiritual beliefs or whatever. But I’ve found a way to discuss these things here and help you avoid getting into arguments about spurious things like that.

Avoid all conversations that bear any resemblance to the following:

  • How can you believe that (REDACTED) didn’t (REDACTED) despite the fact that (REDACTED) already provided plenty of evidence of (REDACTED)?
  • It’s obvious that (REDACTED) never intended to (REDACTED) and just played (REDACTED) for a fool.
  • (REDACTED) bought a total bill of goods when they (REDACTED), and now they haven’t got the (REDACTED) to get out of it. What a bunch of (REDACTED)!
  • How can you believe what the mainstream media says about (REDACTED)?
  • How can you believe what a little fringe website says about (REDACTED)?
  • Why do you insist that (REDACTED) or (REDACTED) were better captains, when it was (REDACTED) who both (REDACTED) and got her crew out of the Delta Quadrant?

(Oops. I think I messed up redacting that last one.)

Anyway, you get the idea. There’s a lot of delusion of there right now and it is perhaps best to avoid feeding into it. Everyone seems to have lost their mind… but not you of course. Just everyone else.


The only thing that remains mysterious to me about all this is: why is everyone being so especially combative about these things?


Oh, right. Saturn conjunct Pluto.



Well, it’s a good thing I have a bottle of (REDACTED) in the fridge.

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