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matthew currie astrology full moon libraIf you’ve been reading my work for a while now, you’ve figured out that I’m not normally an alarmist. Whenever the latest reports of the end of the world or Nibiru or whatever crop up, I remain calm. Likewise, when a client is having some difficult, I’m careful to not overplay the potential for harm.

Having said that, I’ll be honest with you: the Full Moon in Libra this year has me a little worried.


The heaviest aspect happening in the sky throughout most of this year is Saturn conjunct Pluto. That team-up has made things incredibly stressful for some of you in the last couple of months. And although its influence is starting to wane, Jupiter square Neptune is still in effect as well. That is adding a lot of extra unnecessary confusion to things here on Earth.

When major life events happen, good or bad, it’s almost never the result of just one single transit. Lots of people tell horror stories about their Saturn return, but those horror stories rarely begin and end on the day their Saturn return is exact. When specific events happen, the major obvious aspects are the biggest contributor, but it’s often the smaller and more fleeting transits that trigger the kaboom.

And that brings me to this month’s Full Moon.

Any Full Moon has the potential to put people’s nerves on edge, so it’s easy to see how one could trip off the circumstances that have been building for months because of bigger and more obvious transits. Saturn and Pluto are now within three degrees of each other, and Pluto is less than a degree from the exact conjunction to the South Node. This implies potentially explosive consequences around the people you have deep connections with.

The Saturn-Pluto-South Node conjunction is getting a trine from Mars in Taurus as well. Mars in Taurus sometimes blows up at things that it shouldn’t, and the trine aspect makes taking action all the more likely. Yes, this aspect can be used for positive things… but it certainly wasn’t so positive last Friday in Christchurch, New Zealand, was it?

I’m not saying that this Full Moon is going to be a disaster for all of you, or even most of you. I’m just saying that if you’ve had a lot of tension building in some part of your life for the last few months, March 20th might be an excellent day for you to lay low, play it safe, and keep your mouth shut.

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