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venscoIt’s time to set the record straight about one of the most maligned placements in the Zodiac: Venus in Scorpio.

Traditionally, Venus in Scorpio is considered a debilitated placement because it is the opposite of one of the two Signs it rules (in this case, Taurus). of course you don’t need to know much astrology to know that often a “debilitated” planet can function quite well.

I believe that many of the older sources are heavily biased against Venus in Scorpio because Venus is traditionally associated with “feminine” values, and by the standards of yesteryear, Scorpio isn’t a very “ladylike” Sign. “Ladies” are supposed to be sensual, but not fiercely sexual. “Ladies” are supposed to be faithful and devoted in a quiet gentle way, not hard headed warriors for their loved ones. “Ladies” are supposed to be demure and submissive, and not always fighting for what’s right or struggling to be the boss.

I think you can all see where I’m going here. Venus in Scorpio may not technically be the strongest placement — but it certainly seems like a pretty good one, doesn’t it?

Although the state of your love life is dependent on the details of your individual birth chart and the transits to it, Venus in Scorpio has a tendency to sex things up for a lot of people… and she’s not afraid to let you know exactly what’s on her mind, or what she intends to do with you once you get home. And when it comes to the more traditional concepts of “love and romance”? Venus in Scorpio will love you enthusiastically… even fanatically. Now admit it: doesn’t that sound like a good thing?

Oh, if you don’t like that sort of thing? Better get used to it anyway. Venus is in Scorpio now and, thanks to a retrograde, stays there until the end of November… then comes back into Scorpio on December 3rd and stays there until the first week of January 2019. So get your rest and drink plenty of fluids… you’re going to need it.

NEXT TIME: All the shocking, scandalous, juicy bits about this particular trip Venus is making through Scorpio.

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