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Oh now, cut that out!

There is a certain tendency among astrology fans to assume that, once a planet’s retrograde period is over, everything associated with that planet is going to be totally awesome. But if you’ve ever successfully completed and sent an email without errors during Mercury retrograde, or managed to completely screw up an email when Mercury wasn’t retrograde, you know that’s not always exactly the case.

Saturn has recently gone direct in Capricorn, having been retrograde since April. In theory, that means that practical and realistic goals will be easier to achieve in a real-world, observable way. That may be generally true, but it’s not as if Saturn is going to do all the work for you. In fact Saturn wants you to do all the work. Saturn is like that. This is probably why Saturn never gets invited to people’s birthday parties.

I follow an informal rule about retrogrades: the further a planet is from the Sun, the less sleep you should lose over its retrograde periods. That’s because the further a planet is from the Sun, the longer its retrogrades last.

So: what does Saturn going direct in Capricorn mean for you personally? That depends on the individual factors in your birth chart… but you don’t have to be in astrologer to figure out one way that Saturn will be affecting you in the next few months.

Saturn entered Capricorn last December, and is now at the degree it occupied in late January. Odds are pretty good that between January and August this year, something-or-other in your life has either faced unusual obstacles or (having applied some hard work) some department of your life really started to come together. In fact, I would go so far as to say that if you look at what was happening in your life in the second half of January and the first bit of February, good or bad, those conditions are going to be back between now and November.

Worst case scenario? Don’t panic: the next Saturn retrograde happens well away from the early degrees of Capricorn. or, if you’re a big fan of panicking about things, keep in mind that the next Saturn retrograde happens within conjunction range of Pluto. But really, you shouldn’t panic anyway. the upcoming Saturn Pluto conjunction is not going to be nearly as scary as you might think, and I’ll be writing about that subject soon.

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