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I’ve recently written a couple of blog entries about how in the last year or two there has been an explosion of “empty calories” astrology articles on the Internet. If you will all kindly forgive me one more trip into Grumpy Old Man territory, I am about to “go there” again. Then I’ll take my nap, honest!

I recently read an article on a reasonably popular women-oriented website entitled “No You Should Not Take Health Advice From An Astrologer.” The article begins with the author readily admitting that she enjoys reading her horoscope, although she admits she only does it for “fun.” (Ive encountered this idea before, but the idea of just reading a horoscope “for fun” is something I have a hard time imagining (do you spend a lot of time going out of your way to snicker at fortune cookies?). The author is disturbed by the “new trend of women’s health publications promoting horoscope or Moon related health advice.” Frankly I haven’t noticed that trend, but in general astrology is getting more people’s attention recently, so why not?

The author goes on to consult two (count ’em, two!) medical professionals about this alleged trend. One doctor makes the standard Skeptic error of dismissing astrology because there are more than twelve types of people in the world (and if you haven’t seen my takedown of the most popular misconceptions skeptics use to dismiss astrology, CLICK HERE). And you know… that’s fine. You wouldn’t go to a doctor for astrological advice any more than you’d come to me to perform a tubal ligation.

Having said that: the relationship between astrology and medicine is an old and well-established one. I always tell my clients to take their doctor’s word over mine… but time and again in consultations I (and lots of other astrologers who know what their doing with it) have been able to spot health issues, times when those issues will be better or worse, and have even been able to offer solutions.

The other doctor, to his credit, points out that if someone reading a horoscope prompts them to seek medical advice, then reading horoscope is a good thing. Not exactly a ringing endorsement or rebuke of astrology, but still it helped the author make her word count.

The punchline to all this is that the author also writes about astrology in a positive light for the same site and for others. In fact she asked a couple of astrologers for a couple of opinions and wrote that site’s “August Horoscope For Kids.” This illustrates one of the easiest and greatest tips for generating material on the Internet: a little thing I call “contrarian recycling.” Did you manage to sell a piece called “Ten Greatest Bands Of The 90s”? All you have to do is wait a couple of weeks, do some heavy rephrasing, and voila… you’ve got a new article called “Ten Most Overrated Bands Of The 90s”!

Keep coming back here, folks, and I guarantee you no switcheroos. Mars will still be a pain in the rear for the next month, Venus in Scorpio will still be underrated, and the most constructive aspect of 2018 will still be in full effect.

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