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matthew currie astrology twin flamesA large number of the readings that I do for people involve the state of their love lives. Many of those people don’t currently have a “love life” at all. I particularly like doing readings for people in that position, because so often the birth chart will help them understand their real strengths in a relationship, and what traps they have may have fallen into as far as selecting a mate. Knowing the details of your birth chart can tell you a lot about what someone would find appealing about you, and looking at the transits can tell you when are the best times to get looking.

I’ve been reading a lot online about “Twin Flames” recently. A Twin Flame is, allegedly, the other half of your soul. In practice though, it seems to be a term applied to “whoever I’m attracted to at this moment.” I’m beginning to think that a Twin Flame is what we used to call a “soulmate,” and a soulmate is what we used to call a “karmic connection.”

If you look around online it won’t take too long until you find such a useful articles in YouTube videos as:

  • How can I find my Twin Flame?
  • How can I be sure that someone is my Twin Flame?
  • Why doesn’t my Twin Flame recognize that they are my Twin Flame?
  • Why is my Twin Flame no longer answering my calls?
  • Why did my Twin Flame get a restraining order against me?
  • I guess I was wrong again, so where do I find my actual Twin Flame?

It also appears that there is good money to be made off of this Twin Flame business. I’ve come across a couple who do pretty good business selling books and courses describing how you can find your Twin Flame. I’m not exactly sure how successful their techniques are though. I came across their Facebook group and it seems like an awful lot of people there are still looking for that Twin Flame, or wondering why that Twin Flame has left the country without a forwarding address, or something similar.

I can help my clients understand themselves and their relationships better, but I don’t feel qualified to say “this is/isn’t your Twin Flame/soulmate.” I suspect that’s my client’s job to figure that out. So for the rest of this blog entry I will be using the term SMTFW (soulmate/Twin Flame/whatever).

I’ve never wanted to be a guru. I don’t think it’s my (or any other astrologer’s job) to tell you that the Universe is demanding this or that of you. I translate… I don’t dictate. You’re still in charge of your life and your actions.

But I can tell you this much: if you’re wondering where your SMTFW is, or if the person you currently love is your SMTFW, or how you can find yours SMTFW, then I can help you. But ultimately, it’s going to be up to you as to whether this or that person is your SMTFW. Astrology is an incredibly good guide, but it won’t do the very human (and very necessary) work that we all have to do down here.

I can help guide you, but once the two of you turn out the lights together? You’re on your own, armed only with your own wisdom, the help I can extend, and the kind of relentless optimism it takes to love another human being day after day. Handled properly: that’s still a pretty good deal.

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