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matthew currie astrology love and incompatability SCORPIO(Those of you who’ve been reading my blog for a while know that I have occasionally run a feature called “Ask An Astrologer.” Today, I swear, I am answering a real question from a real person. Really.)

BD writes:
My girlfriend is having unprotected sex with her ex-husband, because she thinks Scorpio’s can’t get STDs. She claims its safe for her and I, and she is having unprotected sex with me also. Is there any truth to what she is claiming?

There’s a short answer and a long answer to this. In case you’re in a hurry, I’ll give you the short answer first: put a condom on. Now. Tell your girlfriend to use one with her ex-husband. Warn the ex-husband. Put a condom on the dog too, just to be safe. Jeez.

Got that? Good. Now, the slightly longer answer:

I recently wrote about popular health advice and astrology. Specifically, I wrote about my concern that although astrology can be a great deal of use when it comes to looking at a person’s health, never take an astrologer’s medical advice over a doctor’s. Also don’t take any astrological advice that comes just from the Sun Sign.

Scorpio has a long association with matters involving sex. This, like all Sun Sign cliches, can be a double-edged sword. on the one hand, Scorpios can enjoy the reputation of being thought of as being particularly sexy… whether the individual Scorpio is all that sexy or not. Furthermore, Scorpios have a reputation for secrecy, and for stubbornness. As far as how well this pans out in any individual case, your mileage may vary. So, just as we should not assume that your girlfriend is immune from STDs because she is a Scorpio, we cannot blame the fact that she is stubbornly ignorant of how disease works, or that she is having sex with both you and her ex-husband at the same time, on her being a Scorpio either. Those qualities are freely available to the other twelve Signs as well… and sometimes they take full advantage of it.

Also: I’m guessing that you and your girlfriend are too young to remember and actor named Rock Hudson. He was a Scorpio. Look up what he died from and what an impact it had on society at large at the time.

In conclusion: if your girlfriend was a Taurus, she wouldn’t be immune to being trampled. If she was a Leo, she wouldn’t be especially well-equipped to survive a lion attack. If she was a Pisces, she still couldn’t breathe water. So: put a condom on. Now. Tell your girlfriend to use one with her ex-husband. Warn the ex-husband. Put a condom on the dog too, just to be safe. Jeez.

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