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matthew currie astrology do not clickOn behalf of the management and staff of Beliefnet, I would like to apologize for the (possible) lack of vital and life-changing information that this blog entry could have provided. Good thing you didn’t click here and look!

Oh. Here you are anyway. Well, I guess we might as well talk about Neptune retrograde then. First, let’s talk about the phenomenon of “negative suggestion,” and how it relates to Neptune retrograde.

Negative suggestion is, in essence, a thing you feel compelled to do because you were told not to do it. it’s why some people touch the wet paint despite the sign that says DO NOT TOUCH — WET PAINT. It’s why sometimes quitting smoking is difficult when you’re told that you must not smoke, or when you go on a diet and you’re told you must not have donuts. I don’t eat a lot of asparagus, but if you told me I absolutely must not eat it again? I’ll be up bright and early Sunday morning at the farmer’s market buying as much of it as I can.

Used properly and sparingly, negative suggestion can be powerfully persuasive. Although Neptune brings us many gifts, it can also bring irrational fears… and sometimes fear is a sort of negative suggestion that we unknowingly impose on ourselves, compelling us to run into the same peril we ran into before.

Neptune has a strong association with illusions and delusions, and the power of faith and dreams. The one thing all of those have in common is that they can be powerful shapers of our lives when we allow them to be… and often times we aren’t the least bit aware of it.

So think back to February of this year. Between now and then, which parts of your life have been bolstered by faith? What warm and fuzzy traps have you allowed yourself to fall into? What fears based on your past have you allowed to poison your potential for happiness in the present?

if any of this sounds familiar, those things are probably happening at least in part because of a Neptune transit. And the same degrees that Neptune has covered between February and now are exactly the same degrees that it will revisit until November this year. And then Neptune will turn retrograde in 2019, and won’t be done for good with the 16th degree of Pisces

The bad news (or good news depending on the results you achieved) is that in November, Neptune will go forward again, and cover those same degrees once more. Neptune will be done with that part of your chart until until early 2020. Yes, Neptune is a very slow planet. The funny thing is though: in early 2020 Neptune will be sextile the big Saturn-Pluto conjunction happening then, which you can read about HERE. So at that time, yours dreams (and even delusions) can be harnessed to forge a better reality for yourself.

The good news (or bad news depending on the results you achieved)? Now that you are in the middle of the process, you are an excellent position to learn from it. Pay attention and you will be able to improve the good and turn the volume down on the bad. Or, of course you could just let this opportunity slide. You are free to do so. Just beware of any emotional quicksand you may have found yourself sinking into between about April and now. You wouldn’t want to do that again only to discover that it is turned into cement around your knees, would you?


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