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matthew currie koko gorilla astrologyKoko, the gorilla who learned to speak with sign language, has died just a few days short of her 47th birthday. She was good at communicating, but most people don’t realize that there are many human skills she was completely untalented at.

She was born July 4th 1971, time unknown, in San Francisco California. Her full name was Hanabi-ko, which is Japanese for “fireworks child,” given that she was born on the 4th of July.

Astrologically, intelligence and communication skill are usually associated with Mercury. She had Mercury in Cancer, which is usually a pretty good place for that planet. Furthermore, her Mercury received a trine from her Moon and Jupiter, which would make her Mercury function even better.

She was taught sign language by Dr. Francine Patterson. Koko demonstrated surprising linguistic abilities for a gorilla, not just learning over a thousand words in American Sign Language, but also showing a strong degree of understanding as to what she was saying. She was even able to combine signs to make new words for things that she didn’t have a word for. For example she called a face mask an “eye hat.”

Yet it seems that no matter how hard anyone tried, Koko was unable to achieve a level of what we normally understand as human language skill. Not once did she ever mock anyone for their religion. She never advocated for her political party even when they did something morally wrong. She never threatened anyone on Twitter, she never posted a racist meme on her Facebook page, and she never insulted anyone’s intelligence because they held beliefs different than hers.

So yeah: Koko was good at communicating, but she was far from human.

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