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matthew currie astrology canada legalizes marijuanaOn the morning of June 20th 2018, Canada became the second country on Earth to completely legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

(Before I begin on the astrology though there are two groups of people I would like to address, who I know are absolutely chomping at the bit to get their two cents worth in on this subject. To the one group, I say: prohibition of alcohol was a disaster, and marijuana is a lot safer than alcohol, and lots of people are already smoking it anyway, so pipe down (Ha! Pun!). To the other group I say: just because it does wonders for my insomnia and arthritis, doesn’t mean it’ll cure everything, okay?)

Now, where was I? Right. Neptune (the ruler of drugs and intoxication) turned retrograde two days before Canada voted to legalize marijuana and in Canada’s national birth chart it was in a very interesting place. Specifically, transiting Neptune is conjunct Canada’s natal South Node in the Sixth House, and that seems to speak to matters of treating health problems, like chronic (Ha! Pun!) pain.

What I find most interesting about this is that transiting Neptune is also trine transiting Jupiter in Scorpio, passing through Canada’s natal Second House — money. And if you allow 8 to 10 degrees of orb, both Jupiter and Neptune are currently trine Canada’s Midheaven and Midheaven ruler.

Keep in mind there are some pros and cons to a retrograde planet, but at close to the date of either the beginning or the end of a retrograde a planet is particularly strong. Neptune is already strong because it is in the Sign that rules (Pisces), and the legalization vote happened two days after Neptune turned retrograde.

It should be noted that although the legislation passed on June 20th, it won’t actually go into effect (and your local Canadian pot store won’t actually open) until October 17th. At that time, Mercury and Venus are conjunct in Scorpio, in a close trine to Canada’s natal Sun, Moon, Uranus, and Midheaven. Since the Sun rules Canada’s Eleventh House, I predict widespread partying.

So: it looks like this was a wise move on Canada’s part. I’m not the least bit worried the transiting Pluto is square Canada’s natal Neptune. Come to think of it, I’m not really too worried about anything today. I’m in a comfortable and relaxed mood.

Oh wait a minute, where did I put my pipe and lighter…? Oh whew — there they are. That was pretty stressful, man.

UPDATE: The morning of October 17th arrived, and all across the country Canadians woke up and went to work without incident, confounding millions of moralizing critics around the world.

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