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beliefnet astrology matthew currie naughty mars pictureMars in Aquarius has turned retrograde. Whenever a planet turns retrograde there is some general stock advice that astrologers like to hand out, and in this article I will be doing that. However, I’m also going to have some specifics for you as to what you can expect from this Mars retrograde, which happens between now and September 1st of this year.

First, the more generic kind of advice one hears about Mars retrograde. A retrograde is when a planet appears to be traveling backwards in its orbit, from our perspective here on Earth. A retrograde planet can still be plenty effective, but sometimes produces unusual or unexpected results. This is why, when Mercury is retrograde, communications and agreements and short trips tend to go more haywire than usual. the usual advice one here is during Mercury retrograde is to proofread more carefully, think twice before you sign that contract, and don’t be too surprised if your e-mail screws up or Customer Service keeps losing your call.

Any planet rules lots of different things, but Mars is mostly associated with drives, ambition, and sex. So as with Mercury retrograde and communications, Mars retrograde is a good time to plan out what you are doing with your energy before you actually do it.

More specifically though, have a look at what was going on in your life between mid-May this year and now. Did anything in particular blow up or break down or get nasty? Did anything in your life suddenly experience a breakthrough or an unexpected triumph? Take note, because between now and the beginning of September, Mars will be passing over those same degrees again. After that, Mars goes direct and covers those same degrees again. Mars doesn’t make new headway into Aquarius (that is, moves past 9 degrees Aquarius) until the second week of October.

Any placements in your birth chart in late Capricorn or early Aquarius (or late in any Earth or Water Sign, or early in any Fire or Air Sign) would have taken a hit from Mars in the last couple of months, and that hit was the first of three hits, culminating in October. If the time between mid-May and now resulted in some useful breakthroughs? Prepare yourself for more. And if things were more annoying than constructive for you during that time, get ready for a little more of that.

What’s been going on in your life for the last month or so isn’t necessarily an isolated incident. For better or worse, there’s probably more to come.

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