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beliefnet astrology matthew currie virgo(Virgo appreciates precision work, so if you have your heart set on seducing one you’d better do your homework and not skip any details. That means you should CLICK HERE and start by reading the introduction to this series.)

Virgo is commonly referred to as “the virgin,” which can be kind of misleading. But even the most, um… experienced of Virgos can still have a “demure” quality. Yes, even the men. Nonetheless, they can be incredibly appealing. They have a tendency to live in their head more than the average person, and we’ve all heard before that the brain is the biggest sex organ. Navigate your way through the Virgo mind, and the rest should fall into place.

CLEAN UP YOUR ACT: Not all Virgos are “neat freaks,” but enough of them are that it’s given them a reputation that way. Some Signs may be impressed with your roguish charms if you show up looking like you just rolled out of a dumpster, but probably not a Virgo. If you care enough about a Virgo to be with one, you better show some care of yourself as well. Having said that: sometimes needing a little help can be a good thing. Read on…

ASK FOR HELP: Okay, but maybe don’t ask for help during sex. Let me explain. Virgo has a reputation for being very helpful, and they like to show that they care by offering practical support and advice. Got an issue you’re trying to work through? Virgo is smart enough that they’ll probably be of some help. This will also show that you respect their intellect.

DON’T BE AFRAID TO DO THE DANCE: This doesn’t necessarily mean literally “dancing,” but even if a Virgo is interested in you they are giving anything away for free. Be prepared for little moments of withdrawal on Virgo’s part, and don’t charge in like a maniac when your Virgo is starting to warm up to you.

IT’S THE LOGICAL THING TO DO: This me straight he was a strange approach, but it appears to work. All of the usual rules apply to getting a Virgos attention as due to getting anyone else’s attention, but on top of it providing some logical reasons for why it’s a good idea to use a bonus.

Finally, here’s something to avoid when you’re trying to win over a Virgo… dumping all your emotional baggage on them all at once. Virgos generally have a great deal of empathy and care about others, but the last thing they want to do is have a huge dramatic mess thrown at them. They may like a clean environment, but they don’t want to become your emotional City Dump.

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