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matthew currie astrology psychic medium john edwardIt’s amazing how much useful information can be learned from an astrology reading, about your personality and potential, and past, present, and future concerns. But if you’ve never had a reading yourself, you might not be aware of the kind of insights it can give you.

With my new podcast, I’m hoping to show the world how getting a reading really woks. Any hey… why not start out with someone famous?

Case In point: here’s a link to my recent podcast in which I performed a short reading for psychic medium John Edward, who was gracious enough to be my guest.

Click below to have a listen!

YouTube Preview Image

Anyone could have looked up the major public events in his life, but with astrology we gain additional insight. His birth chart clearly reflects psychic/intuitive ability. But there’s more to astrology than just the birth chart and the potentials it reveals: There’s also the transits: the events that actually occur along the way in life. For example, how did he respond to the discovery of his gift in his late teen years? He shot to fame in 1998, but what were the personal and emotional cost to be paid for that fame? And what will his workload be like 2 years from now when the next major phase of his professional career takes off?

All this and more is covered in my interview with John Edward. The chart is shown above. Hope you enjoy it!

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