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Mars is now in Capricorn — the Sign of its exaltation. This means that (in theory at least) Mars is as powerful as it gets between now and it’s entry into Aquarius on May 16th. One should always be aware of where Mars is at, both by Sign and how it may be aspecting things in your birth chart (and the birth charts of those close to you), given all the thrilling, sexy, and (potentially) hazardous things that Mars rules.

This trip through Capricorn is especially important in relation to upcoming astrological events. The upcoming July Solar Eclipse, and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 2019 both closely aspect the degree in which the Mars-Pluto conjunction of April 26th, so pay very close attention to what happens in your life around then — Mars may very well give you a sneak preview as to what you can expect in July and at the end of next year,

Below is a list of the major aspects Mars in Capricorn will be making. Although the exact date is listed, each aspect will be in at least partial effect for three or four days before and after the exact aspect.

Major Mars in Capricorn events:

March 24
Sun square Mars

April 2
Mars conjunct Saturn

April 4
Mercury (retrograde) square Mars

April 11
Venus trine Mars

April 14
Mars sextile Neptune

April 24
Mars sextile Jupiter

April 26
Mars conjunct Pluto

May 12
Mercury (no longer retrograde) square Mars

May 15
Mars square Uranus

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