Nature Photography(This is Part Two of a three part series on using astrology to get what you want out of 2018. Part One is HERE. Read that first.)

Now that we’ve established the motive force behind re-shaping your life in 2018, it’s time to figure out what’s going to be supporting you as you take charge. This year, you have (literally) the biggest of the planets on your side.


Between now and October, Jupiter will be back and forth between 12 and 24 degrees Scorpio. This means that for most of the year Jupiter will either be trine Neptune or sextile Pluto, and occasionally both. These are both powerful aspects, capable of fueling some major breakthroughs. Although that energy lends itself well to just about any goal you choose, the emphasis will be on the House of your birth chart where Scorpio is.

Jupiter trine Neptune

Jupiter sextile Pluto will have you looking for (and likely finding) some big breakthroughs when it comes to the things and people that make you happy. Spiritual matters come more naturally, your idealism is more likely to pay off, and it will just be generally easier to embrace life (and your work load) with enthusiasm and optimism. This might also prove to be an excellent time to improve your committed partnerships.

Jupiter sextile Pluto

Okay: we’ve established that what you need is some real change in your life. But often times doing renovations (literally or figuratively) requires some heavy demolition work. Pluto loves nothing better than swinging a sledgehammer and breaking down the old structures in order to make room for something new. Jupiter adds energy and enthusiasm to Pluto, and between the two of them you should have the power you need to break down the obstacles that have held you back.

So there you have it: you have the motive and the means to get what you want out of 2018. Only one vital element remains: the opportunity. Come back next time and I’ll reveal the biggest astrological news of 2018!

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