Nature PhotographyI admit it: I have just recently come out the other side of a long and bitter stretch of my life. There are astrological reasons for that of course, as there always are, but at the same time I have to confess to having deliberately retired somewhat from the notion that my life could be a better and happier place. Maybe your personal story has been like that too. If so, there is one thing I want you to hear me say very clearly: 2018 can be the year that all turns around for you. And I’m going to do everything I can to help you.

Shifting the momentum that comes with cynicism or depression or withdrawal from life isn’t easy. But we are fortunate that, no matter how often we let ourselves down or others disappoint us, the universe always provides opportunities to make things better. No matter want the astrology of any given day or week or month has in store, there are three major factors that can be harnessed to make your life and the world in general much, much better than they are now.

These three factors are like something you may have encountered in all the hours of legal shows you seen on TV. In order to be convicted of a crime, one has to establish three things: motive, means, and opportunity. The astrology of 2018 offers all of those, except in this case the only crime might be to not take advantage of this year.

The first factor is a subtle one, so subtle that even as a professional astrologer it hasn’t occurred to me until recently.


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might recall an entry about the Vedic concept of planetary friends and enemies. The general concept is that although all the planets end up aspecting each other eventually, some planets have an inherent like or dislike for each other, or perhaps it might be better to say that some pairs of planets work better together than others.

You might be surprised to hear that Venus and Saturn are, in fact, the greatest of friends.  Everyone makes a big deal about Saturn and its effects on people’s lives and on world events. After all, Saturn tends to bring uncomfortable things into the world, and since it only changes Signs every two and a half years it’s easy to blame a lot of the things that go wrong in life on wherever it is at the time.

Venus doesn’t get as much credit. Despite ruling love and affection and sweetness, shiny little Venus zips around the Zodiac once a year. I think that these two factors have made us overlook it’s importance in some ways, like it’s just a lightweight, or just the garnish on whatever life is serving you today.

Allow me to set the record straight on this. If you’ve spent much time at all on the internet or watching the news or simply observing your fellow human beings, you know that it can seem like we are surrounded by hate and bitterness and greed and intolerance and abuse. Yes, those things are real, but in the next year we all need to rise above that. We’ve had our chance to rage or weep at the injustices that life has handed us, and you may have noticed by now that all the anger and tears haven’t provided a solution.

The solution is Love, and Saturn is the great friend of Venus, the planet that rules Love. Saturn is now in Capricorn, which is the sign that Saturn rules. This means that Venus, lovely as always, now has a very powerful friend on her side. And this makes Venus stronger than ever, all throughout the year.

So if what you want or need out of life requires Love… for yourself, for someone else, for your passions, for the world… take heart: 2018 can be the beginning of the greatest era of your life, ever. Then come back here next time and I’ll tell you how it can be done.

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