Oh My Stars

weekend love forecast bannerThe big news is that Mars square Pluto is hovering over the entire week. Yes, Mars was named after The God Of War, but that’s not all it’s good for. Mars also rules the sex drive. A square aspect to Pluto, however, is a little too much energy being poured into too small a bucket, even for the tastes of a War God. Be careful about starting the wrong fight, applying too much pressure to your relationships, and falling accidentally into bed with the wrong person.

FRIDAY: The Moon is in Aquarius, which is a Sign noted for its ability to get along with others and maintain focus on a Higher Ideal. Is that enough to overcome the potential explosiveness of a Mars-Pluto aspect? Let’s hope so…

SATURDAY: Moon in Pisces is generally sweet and kind and caring and, overall, entirely unsuited to dealing with nasty Mars-Pluto squares. Try to focus on the peace love and understanding instead of lashing out based on your own hurt feelings.

SUNDAY: Everyone loves Oscar Night, don’t they? The pageantry, the entertainment, the… ugh, the political shout-outs. There is a Solar Eclipse mere hours before the ceremony starts, so the mood is likely to be more fractious than usual. Curl up with some popcorn and prepare to be delighted and infuriated.

PS: My Best Picture prediction? Arrival is going to get screwed, because my favorite movie of the year usually does. Don’t worry though: people will still be watching Arrival years from now, and La La Land? Well… probably not so much.

THIS WEEK’S ROMANCE TIP: You ever see those things that tell you that each Sign rules a part of the body, and if you focus on that you’ll be able to seduce someone more quickly? Yeah. I don’t think many people have scored a second date by offering an Aquarius a free ankle massage. If you want to make an emotional connection, find out someone’s Moon Sign and go from there.

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